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Welcome to the LLC Registration services of in Alaska . Our team’s standing by to register an LLC on alaska on your behalf today. We provide full-scale LLC formation and maintenance programs. No matter what registration your business needs, our company can provide it. Please use this web page to order your limited liability company formation. Or, you call us right now to secure LLC registration over the phone. We look forward to helping you and your new business succeed.

Form an Alaska LLC Right Now

The time is now for you to create the Alaska LLC you’ve been envisioning. Our team is ready to help you start building your business today. Plus, we can register an LLC even if you’re already operating as a sole proprietor. Trust us You do not want to form your LLC with any other third-party registration service. Our competitors will only go through the motions. Meanwhile, we’re going to go the extra mile through state-of-the-art registration.

Having an LLC is crucial for any business owner in Alaska.

That’s because an LLC will limit the personal liability of a company owner. This notion applies to both management and ownership of a business. Plus, using an LLC can protect your company from excess taxation. Please continue reading to learn more about how an LLC in Alaska gets created. This way, you will know which business structure is best for your business. If you have any questions, call our limited liability company services department. We’re prepared to answer all your questions about LLCs.

We Can File All Forms for LLCs & Corporations Using Low Fees

Nonprofit Formation Whether you’re creating an LLC or any type of corporation, our organization can help. We’re here to file form after form on your behalf at ultra-low rates. Say that you’re creating an LLC in Alaska. We’ll file forms with the Division of Corporations, Business and Professional Licensing. This way, you can focus on growing your business while we handle the paperwork. Our team can make sure your forms meet all Alaska state government regulations.

We won’t rest until every LLC form that we fill out adheres to Alaska state laws.

As a result, you can rest easy and concentrate on starting your company. is here to serve as your professional LLC filing service. Our experts register LLC after LLC every day in Alaska. Due to that experience, we can help you form a business with ease. Get more information Business Licensing 

Our Experts Can Provide Registration for Every Type of Entity

The team is ready to get to work on your behalf. We can create new entities or make changes to existing entities. Whether your business needs an initial report or biennial report, we’ve got you covered. Our experts also specialize in registering an Alaska Certificate of Compliance. This state certificate also functions as the Certificate of Good Standing

Our organization can register any type of entity in Alaska and the United States.

From a domestic limited liability company to a foreign limited liability company. We also can form any type of Alaskan business corporation, domestic or foreign. Our services also apply to any type of Alaskan nonprofit corporation.

Say that you need exclusive rights to use a business name for an LLC. We’re ready to reserve that business name on your behalf through the state. Once you have an LLC name reservation, the state will keep it up to 120 days. Plus, we can take care of any other business name registration that you need. As an example, we can set your company up with a DBA business name.

Secure a Trade Name Through

Do you not want to use your official LLC name as your business name with customers? Well, here’s some good news. You do not have to. Instead, you’re welcome to use a trade name as a business name in Alaska. Through a trade name, you have a key option in the state. You can use a DBA (doing business as), fictitious name, or an assumed name.

Our organization can register the trade name for your business right now.

Registration will take place through the Alaska Department of Commerce. We will begin the process by filing a New Business Name Registration form. This Alaskan form refers to AS 10.35. Once registration concludes, you will have an exclusive right to your name. The duration of that business name will last five years in Alaska. Do you have questions about registering a business name in the state? If so, please give our company a call right now. We can’t wait to show you how to register an AK business name.

Our LLC Alaska Services Are the Best in the Business

Non-Profit Organization No other company’s LLC Alaska services can even compare to our’s. That’s why countless Alaskan businesses depend on our Alaska LLC registration division. Sure, they know that we can teach them how to get an LLC in Alaska. Or, how to stay an LLC in Alaska. But starting an LLC in Alaska is only the beginning. How Long Does It Take To Get an LLC?

You see, we provide full-scale compliance services for every LLC in Alaska. Even if you open a LLC Alaska, you still must complete state filings every year. But you do not have to file LLC documents on your own. Instead, allow our company to do the dirty work. We’ll take care of all state LLC registration while you focus on other tasks. Please continue reading to learn more about all the LLC services that we provide. We’re going to execute every LLC formation and maintenance step on this web page. This way, your business won’t have to worry about maintaining state compliance.

Six Steps: How to Form an LLC in Alaska

Are you ready to learn how to form an LLC (limited liability company) within Alaska? If so, please follow along with the six LLC formation steps written below. Having a limited liability company can provide your business with so many benefits. Through an LLC you can structure your company in an ideal legal manner. Sure, you can receive the limited liability that an Alaska corporation has. But you will also experience a lack of legal formalities. This way, it will feel like you’re operating a partnership or sole proprietorship.

Let’s say that you’re a business owner that wants to limit all personal liability. That wish can become a reality by having a limited liability company. An LLC can prevent the risk of accruing business debt. Plus, it can also help prevent lawsuits from destroying your company. These are key reasons why the time is now to form your very own LLC. Here are the key steps for forming your LLC within Alaska state lines. If you need any more LLC information, please browse our website. Or, you can call our company at any time. We’re standing by to instruct you how to form an LLC in Alaska and other states. Additional information LLC Registration Form

Step #1: Pick a Name

Your first LLC step is simple. All you’ve got to do is come up with an official name for your LLC. But wait- there are some rules for creating an LLC name in Alaska. The LLC name has to feature one of the following terms. These terms are: LLC, L.L.C., and Limited Liability Company. In Alaska, you can abbreviate “limited” with “ltd.” Plus, you can abbreviate “company” with “co.” For additional information Dispute Resolution

The Alaskan state government has made the following rule clear.

Your LLC name must get distinguished from all other LLC names in the state. This concept also applies to names that other business entities in Alaska have. So, how do you check to see if an LLC can get used by a business. Go online and access the Corporations Database. It’s on the following website. “The Alaska Department of Commerce, Community, & Economic Development.” Or, you can contact our organization and we can research LLC names.

Say that you realize no one’s using the LLC name that you want to have. The Alaska state government will let you reserve a name for up to 120 days. So, how do you make an LLC name reservation? You must file a Business or Corporation Name Reservation Application. The state of Alaska will let you file the LLC application online. Or, you can mail an LLC name application. It will go to the following department. The State of Alaska Division of Corporations, Business and Professional Licensing office. Keep in mind that the state government charges a fee to receive an LLC name. Check out article Category

Step #2: Get a Registered Agent

What types of lawyers are in the Lawyer Zone network? This is one of the most important steps you can take to secure an LLC in Alaska. Why? Because every LLC in Alaska has to have an agent for the service of process. Violating this state LLC policy can lead to major fines and penalties. A registered agent functions as either an individual or corporation. The agent must accept all legal papers sent to the LLC. This applies whenever an LLC gets sued by another party. No LLC in Alaska can start operating as its own private agent for service of process. Every agent must agree to accept a service of process. This notion applies to working with every limited liability company in Alaska.

A registered agent can begin operating as an individual resident in Alaska.

But most LLC owners opt to have a corporation serve as the registered agent. For example, is an official registered Alaskan agent. Each registered agent has to use a physical street address within the state. So, who maintains the list of private service agent companies? It is the Alaska Department of Commerce, Community, and Economic Development. Please contact us if you need help registering with this state department.

Step #3: File Articles of Organization for Your LLC

What services do we provide?  You cannot start operating an LLC in Alaska unless you file articles or organization. It’s a standard filing that takes place through the following state department. The department’s called the State of Alaska Division of Corporations.

Please let our organization know if you need help filing articles of organization.

Here is the information that all articles of organization in Alaska must have. First, you must state the purpose of your limited liability company. Then, state the name of your LLC at the top of the filing. Next, write down the name and address of your LLC registered agent. The state will then ask if your LLC will get member-managed. If not, that means your LLC must get managed by an LLC manager. Do not file this document until you apply a signature of the LLC organizer. Most LLC business owners decide to file the articles online. But you can also supply the state with the arrivals by postal mail. The state of Alaska charges a filing fee to review any articles of organization. Get more information Checkout

Step #4: Prepare Your Limited Liability Co. Operating Agreement

How Long Does It Take To Get an LLC? The state of Alaska does not enforce the creation of an LLC operating agreement. But you should create an agreement for your business anyway. Why? Because an operating agreement is a very important internal company document. It sets forth how an LLC will get run and managed by owners and members. Plus, an agreement defines responsibilities and rights for all key players. This includes the rights that each LLC manager and LLC member has.

Using an operating agreement will also help ensure limited liability.

Say that you get lazy and decide not to draft an Alaska LLC operating agreement. This means the state can use its LLC laws to govern how your business operates. That is not the end-result that any Alaskan business owner wants. But do not despair if you’re confused about creating this crucial agreement. All you must do is contact the team. We can go over how to form an LLC through drafting a high-quality agreement. When doing so, we’ll adhere to all State of Alaska Division of Corporations policies. Additional information The Best State for LLC 

Step #5: File Reports With the State

You have now organized the basic inner workings of your LLC. This means you can now file an Initial Report with the Alaska state government. The report gets filed through the State of Alaska Division of Corporations. A filing must take place within half a year of the organization of your LLC. This LLC filing can take place by postal mail or online. The state of Alaska does not charge a filing fee for this report.

But wait. That is not the only report than an Alaska LLC business owner has to file. There is also the Biennial Report form. Both an Alaska LLC and foreign LLC must file the report on a two-year basis. The state has to receive the report before January 2nd. That date applies to the filing year of the report document. You can make the biennial filing with the state online or through postal mail.

The state of Alaska will charge more money to a foreign LLC than a domestic LLC.

Here is what both the biennial and initial LLC report must include. First, it has to feature the name of the LLC and the state of organization. Next write down the address of the LLC registered office in Alaska. Also include the registered agent address and name. Say that you’re registering a foreign LLC. Include the address of the LLC principal office.

Next, list all addresses and names of LLC managers. Let’s say your LLC does not feature a manager. In that case, list addresses and names of all LLC members. Also, provide that information for each person owning over 5% interest in the LLC. Get specific and write down the exact amount of interest that each person owes. Do you need more information on how to file an annual LLC report in Alaska? If so, please call our organization right now. We can go over Alaska LLC annual filing rules and regulations.

Step #6: Register Your EIN Through the IRS

Plumbing Contractors License In most cases, an LLC in Alaska has to have an EIN. An EIN refers to the IRS Employer Identification Number. Every Alaska LLC with more than a single member needs an EIN. That is the case even if your LLC does not have an employee.

Are you considering forming a one-member LLC? In almost all cases, you still should get an EIN. Why? Because you won’t have the ability to take care of many common business processes. Here is an example. You will not have the ability to hire employees at your company. Plus, you cannot elect the IRS to tax your LLC as a corporation. (Instead of getting taxed by the IRS as a sole proprietorship.) So, are you ready to get an EIN right away? If so, please call the EIN IRS specialists at our organization right now. They can go step by step with the IRS and file IRS Form SS-4. Then, your LLC in Alaska can receive a new EIN number.

Should I Get an AK Business License?

Yes, you must have an Alaska business license to start operating your LLC. Otherwise, the state will not allow you to conduct business. This policy applies to Juneau, Anchorage, and every other city in the state. Our organization is standing by to get you registered with a license. We can conduct a New Alaska Business License Application filing.

The LLC that you own will need to renew the license every two years. The company that you run might also need local and state business licenses. If that’s the case, can register those licenses too. So, where do we register business licenses in Alaska? The Alaska Department of Commerce, Community and Economic Development. Please let us know if we can help your LLC work with this department. Click here to discover FCC 499 DC Agent for Service of Process 

Can Foreign LLCs Conduct Business in Alaska?

Yes, foreign LLCs can do business within the state of Alaska. But there is a catch. First, each foreign LLC has to get registered with the state. Registration takes place through the State of Alaska Division of Corporations.

Our organization is standing by to register any foreign company. We can file the Certificate of Registration of Foreign Limited Liability Company. This filing can take place through postal mail or online. The state of Alaska will charge a filing fee for this LLC registration Alaska. An LLC has to appoint an Alaska agent to take care of the service of process. Plus, every foreign LLC has to secure an official Alaska business license. Then, the LLC will need to file a biennial report with the state every two years. Find out more about Legal Registration Archives 

We’re Ready To Create Your Alaska LLC Operating Agreement

Sure, the state of Alaska does not enforce the creation of operating agreements. But your LLC should still have one in place. That’s because an operating agreement can protect any limited liability company. The agreement will help ensure that you can maintain limited liability status. Plus, agreements prevent misunderstandings from taking place within companies. Get more information Form a Wyoming LLC 

Without an agreement, the Alaska state government could impose harsh rules on an LLC.

But with an agreement, you can make your own rules that govern your business. Please call us right now and we can get started drafting your LLC operating agreement. Visit the website for more information  Form an LLC in Texas 

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The team is here to help you form an LLC right away. Please call us now to get started and create an Alaska limited liability company. Within minutes, we can answer all your questions and develop custom solutions.

We’ve helped countless Alaska businesses maintain complete government compliance.

And we’re standing by to ensure the success of your own company in the state. We look forward to ensuring the ultimate success of your LLC and business venture.