Can a USA Non-Resident Register a Company-Everything You Need to Know

Can a USA Non-Resident Register a Company-Everything You Need to Know
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Register a company in the USA nonresident

The USA is undeniably a hub for many businesses and big corporations. Everyone dreams of coming to the USA for their professional growth. Many people fail to embark on their entrepreneurship journey because they think that residency in the USA is compulsory to operate a business in the USA. But is that really true? We’ll find out. Through, you can form an LLC in no time.

Who Falls in Us Non-Resident Category?

If you do not have citizenship in the USA, you will be considered a non-US resident only under two conditions. First is that you have a green card from the US, and the second is that you have proven substantial presence throughout the year in this country. 

When you get registered as a non-UA resident, you will be accountable for taxes on your property as well as businesses operating in the country. For more information visit the website  LabyrinthTM Fundraising Compliance

There is a misconception among many people that you will not be able to set up a business in this country unless you have a green card or are considered a US citizen. It is not true. You can easily form a business even as a beginner in the USA by registering it as an LLC. We’ll guide you thoroughly on how to register a company in USA nonresident. 

Having said that, let’s dive into the things that you need to know in order to start a company in a company as big as the USA. 

Forming a Company in the USA

The USA is a gold mine for business owners as the potential market that this country provides is willing to spend on whatever grabs their attention. What can be more fascinating to a businessman than selling to one of the richest countries in the world? 

It is not only a country where dreams come true but also the one where you get to rank your business up and land your dream clients that you wouldn’t find anywhere else in the world. Let’s understand how businesses operate in this country. Please give a phone call if you need more information.

Rules Change From State to State

Every state of this country has its own set of rules and regulations regarding taxation and other business-oriented operations that any business incorporating in that state would follow. 

The fee for registration, legal requisites, and operating expenses also vary from one state to another. The states with great professional hustle will have higher rental rates to offer for the office building, while the others might be cheaper in this domain. Get more information Sole Proprietor

Therefore, it is important that you know the rules and regulations of incorporating in a particular state before you decide to reside there. 

Understand the SSN

Every business in the US is given an SSN named Social Security Number that is used for all the important documentation and legal requisites. This number basically tracks all the income and transaction details of any office which eventually helps in determining the tax percentage that is applicable to a particular business. 

If you are not a US resident, you might not have an SSN to add to your official documents. Therefore, to open LLC without ssn, you can use your EIN to deal with all the processes in this capacity. 

Get Your EIN

Employer Identification Number serves as the basic ID number for your business, and it helps in all taxation-related processes. All your taxes will be issued against your EIN number, and hence, it is important that you have one. In case of the absence of an EIN, you might get your business activities ceased or shut down for not abiding by the country’s laws. 

Why an LLC

A Limited Liability Company saves you from tons of problems that could affect your personal assets during professional operations. This kind of company reverses the risk on your personal assets and limits the liability on your personal assets. For additional information What services do we provide? 


There are many benefits that a company in this domain offers. Following are some of the most important advantages that you get by forming an LLC: 

  • Liabilities in control

The biggest and most sought benefit of forming an LLC is that it forms a protective shield around your personal assets. In other words, you can say that you will remain unaffected by whatever loss your business goes through. 

Even in case of any legal complication, the LLC would be responsible for any sort of action or reaction. Your company will deal with the consequence first-hand, keeping you secure from all legal strikes and lawsuits. 

You might need to get involved in the case as the owner of that business, but there would be no personal strings attached to that case with your reference. 

  • Easy Approval From Federal Taxation Officers

As the liabilities get limited for a company that falls in this category, therefore, the company can get easily approved by the taxation department. It is very rare for any LLC to go through a federal audit by the relevant officers unless there is any shady activity that has taken place under the name of your business. For additional information Category

You will have a smooth tax payment process, and your company will be reputed accordingly in the federal documents. When you are officially registered in the business directories of the tax-paying companies of a country, it improves your corporate reputation. 

  • No Double Taxation

You might be paying two separate taxes till now, one on your personal assets and the other on your business income. 

If you register your LLC as a single member, you will no longer have to pay taxes twice. The tax on your LLC will also cover your personal tax; hence, you will be saving on your tax money. 

  • Beginners Can Easily Set Up

When it comes to the type of company that best fits the requirements of a beginner in the USA, an LLC precisely fits the bill. This is the simplest business setup that you can have in this country. You can find different variations in this company format. Additional information Business Licensing

There are different types of LLCs that you will come across, from single-member LLCs to multi-member ones, and all serve different purposes in accordance with your business needs. 

  • Management is a Hassle Free

The management of a business has never been easier than it is with an LLC. You have to have your business operating agreement signed and approved by the relevant authorities to get started with your business. 

All the rights, ownership as well as responsibilities of the team members are clearly dictated in the operating agreement of the company. You can even hire managers to completely look after your business when you are around, making its management a hassle-free task. 

  • Buying Property was Never Easier

One of the biggest perks of registering a company in the USA nonresident is that you will be able to buy property in this country. You can easily use your LLC to buy a house

Not only will it be beneficial in terms of taxes, but it will also help you in generating extra passive income through renting your house to commercial companies. 


Having mentioned all the juicy benefits of having an LLC in the United States, it is also important to have a look at the potential drawbacks that might be a red flag for you when it comes to business. Here are some cons of forming an LLC in the USA: 

  • You’re Not Free of All Liabilities

When talking about liability protection, the protection of limited liabilities that an LLC provides comes into the picture. This means even after having a company, you will still be open to legal threats and strikes that the company might not be able to protect you from. Get more information on Legal Registration Archives

There is no 100% proof that you will remain safe from all possible legal and professional damage if you protect against limited liabilities. In some cases, the veil between the LLC and personal credentials gets pierced, and the owner can face severe consequences on his personal assets if proper documentation is not in place. 

  • You will Still Pay Self-Employment Tax.

The cost of keeping the LLC different from personal assets is that you will be treated as an employee or the CEO of the LLC, who gets paid through the profits generated by the LLC. This implies that you will have to pay tax on your personal earnings in the form of self-employment tax. 

This self-employment tax can increase or decrease with the fluctuation in the profit generation of your company. Small or huge, you will not be exempted from this type of tax. 

  • Multi-Member LLC Can be Complicated

Forming and maintaining an LLC can get complicated at times especially when you register multiple members as the owners of the company. You follow a legal process where all the owners give consent before any important decision is made in the company. 

Similarly, if a member dies, the LLC will automatically dissolve because the operating agreement of the company deeming all the members as the owners, will be nullified due to the absence of one of the owners. The remaining members of the LLC can, however, continue to run the business, but they will have to register again for a new LLC as the previous one would be dissolved by default. The registration and documentation from scratch might cost additional expenses which is a drawback of forming such a company. 

Being a US resident would entail a lot of professional benefits; however, you don’t really need to be a US resident in order to operate a business there. Here’s a detailed guide on how to register a company in the USA as a non-resident:

States to Consider

The first step to set up your Limited Liability Company would be to choose a State in which you would you’re your business to register in. The choice of the State is very important because it defines how things will go on after registration. 

Choosing a state with minimal to no tax expenses is preferable. Following are some of the States that are beginner friendly and offer a no-tax facility for their businesses:

  • Delaware

The first state that many businesspersons think of while talking about forming an LLC, is Delaware. This state offers great tax and financial benefits for a business. It will take you around $140 at the least to start a company in this state. 

To register a company in this state, you will need to get services from the Delaware Divisions of Corporations. This ministry will deal with all your problems and concerns related to the formation of a company in this state. 

  • Wyoming

Who wouldn’t want to have a business in a state that does not levy any business tax on LLCs? Wyoming is a state liked by many beginner businesses to big firms owing to its flexible tax policies that never fail to meet the requirements of most small to medium-sized businesses. Please contact the team if you have any questions

The state not only offers zero income tax but also offers absolutely zero franchise and stock tax to some businesses. You will want to carefully go through the state policies to find out if your business meets the criteria for tax exemption. 

  • Nevada

If you are one of those businesses that do not want to breach the privacy of either their customers or employees, then Nevada is the state waiting to incorporate your business. This state, in addition to providing the best tax relaxation policies, also offers the best privacy protection policies for businesses that help them keep their personal assets guarded. 

The business-friendly atmosphere of this state has appealed to many business owners and has helped them profit-generating companies in a few easy steps. Make sure to go through all the state policies in this matter to know if your business meets the said criteria of registration. 

Prerequisites You Need

Residency in the USA is not a must when it comes to opening a business there, but there are some must-have documents to complete the process. You will need your credit card, govt notices, bank statements from a US bank, and physical mail sent to you by the government to proceed further. 

If you are short of any of these documents, you should prioritize getting these first and then start the process to ensure no rejection. 


How to do it

Different states follow different procedures when it comes to forming an LLC. Following is the basic process to register a company in Delaware:

  1. Go to the official govt website of Delaware to register LLCs as non-US citizens and start the process. 
  2. Fill out the form with the right credentials and submit the form.
  3. Pay the registration fee, which is around $150, using your credit card
  4. Submit the application and keep a check on your emails
  5. Within 3 to 5 days, you will receive an email confirmation regarding your registration

Above mentioned is the easiest description of how to form a company in the state of your choice. But, there are many states that might require some extra documents for registration. Make sure you read the requirements thoroughly before applying to any state for the registration of your business. To learn more check the link below Form an LLC

Moreover, if you are going to register a company in the US as a nonresident, then make sure you have the required documents, for instance, your EIN, a US phone number, and a mailing address to smoothly get done with the process. 

Things to know

Setting up a US company as a non-resident will require you to do a lot of research and follow the steps mentioned on the government websites. Following are some things that you should keep in mind before diving in:

  • Every State charges annual renewal charges as State Franchise Tax that sits around 50$. You’ll have to pay this amount annually to maintain your LLC’s registered legal status. 
  • When you register through Delaware, you will not get any office address. If you are looking forward to getting an office address, you can get the services of postal service providers. 
  • You will not get any certified copy after the registration process. When you register a company in the USA as a non-resident, you will need to apply separately to get a certified copy by emailing them and requesting it. This will require you to pay around $50 extra.