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June 9, 2022, midnight

Registered Agent

Registered Agent

Our organization provides full-scale registered agent services. With a registered agent, your LLC can receive all service of process notices. Plus, an agent can keep track of government correspondence and compliance documents. Please give the LegalRegistration.com team a phone call now to secure an agent. We look forward to providing you with the best-registered agent service in the country.

What Is a Registered Agent?

A registered agent has the designation to receive official documents for a business. The agent will secure court papers if a business gets sued. This situation refers to “service of process.” A registered agent also receives tax notices and business registration renewal notices. Those notices come from the Secretary of State. So, why is the person receiving documents “registered?” Because a business owner sends a form to his or her state. The form then registers the individual as an agent for communications.

World-Class Consolidated Registered Agent Service

Our registered agent compliance services are in a class of their own. We power the services behind advanced compliance software. This nationwide registered agent service provides first-rate security. Plus, it is efficient for all multi-state organizations. Clients save time when using our pre-filled state forms. They also save money thanks to our transparent and fair pricing structure. Do you wish to consolidate your registered agent service? If so, please give our organization a phone call. You can enjoy the benefits of our service in every single state of registration. We cannot wait to take care of the entire process on your behalf.

Convenient Document Access

We know that you cannot afford to wait on time-sensitive documents. That’s why we provide the most convenient document access in the US. Through our software, you can receive all legal documents ASAP. Our team can even send you reminder notifications to keep you on the fast track. Plus, you can access all documents in a secure online format. Say that you receive a service of process (notice of a lawsuit). We can call the contact of your account right away.

The Basics of Our Registered Agent Service

Here are some common steps when appointing our organization as your registered agent. Say that you list us with your state as the agent. Our experts will receive all legal documents on your behalf. Then, we will upload them to your online account. We make appointing a registered agent easy. You can begin by ordering your service before sending a filing to your state. This is where you can use our address and registered agent name. Our Client Portal features pre-filled state forms with filing instructions. Once you have the documents, you can file agent information with the state. We’re happy to guide you through any part of this process over the phone. Please contact us to learn more about the process.

Can I Change My Registered Agent?

Yes. Say that you want to switch out an agent in favor of a new registered agent. You must send out a change of agent form with an exact fee. The form and fee go to a secretary of state. Our team has helped countless clients change their registered agents. We’re standing by right now to help you change your’s. All you've got to do is call us and get in touch. We can provide state forms with pre-filled information. This way, the process becomes ultra-simple for you and your business.

What Are the Requirements for a Registered Agent?

The US government has simple requirements for who can serve as a registered agent. The agent must have standing as a resident of the state where an LLC gets registered. An agent also needs to have a physical address. This way, documents can go to the agent at any moment. Registered agents cannot use PO mailboxes. Sure, these agent rules and regulations are simple. But please continue reading to learn more about designating an agent.

Designating an Agent

Many clients ask the following question? “Can I designate myself or another LLC member as a registered agent?” Yes, you can. But almost all legal experts do not endorse doing so. Here are some key reasons why. A registered agent must stay ready to receive service of process notices right away. Plus, the agent will also receive important documents and government correspondence. This means an agent has to operate at a physical address during normal business hours. Now, say that the person delivering documents cannot locate the agent. (The person could attend a meeting or go on vacation.) Delivery of the documents cannot take place. The consequences of this situation are severe. Now, say that you select one of your LLC members as the LLC registered agent. Your business has to have the physical address designation. Thus, embarrassment could take place if you get sued in front of customers. Also, say that you move your business. You must file a registered agent change of address. Meanwhile, you will not have to worry about these situations through our organization. We’re standing by to serve as the registered agent of your LLC or business.

Why Use a Third Party Registered Agent Service?

Countless businesses and LLCs depend on third party registered agent services. Why? Because the third party services make the agent process simple and easy. A third party can handle receiving all documents. Then, that entity can forward them right away. This matters because a business has to depend on an agent's availability. Agents must stay active in gathering documents during normal business hours. Plus, professional agents specialize in forwarding notices and all other documents. Trust us. You cannot afford to risk putting your legal documents in the hands of amateurs. It’s best to allow a trusted third party to handle all registered agent-related matters.

What Happens if I Do Not Use a Registered Agent?

Using a registered agent is not an option. Instead, it is an official US government policy. A business owner has to choose a registered agent when registering an LLC. Say that a business owner’s registered agent changes. He or she has to file a form that states a change took place. Someone might feel tempted not to maintain a registered agent. This can happen after a business owner designates an agent during LLC registration. But not having an agent will lead to major legal consequences. An LLC will no longer have good standing within the state of registration. This can lead to major government fines and penalties. The LLC could even lose its ability to bring a lawsuit or enter into legal contracts. Plus, a business owner would risk not receiving the service of process. Or, any other document correspondence that an agent provides. Here is an example of how an LLC will get into trouble without a registered agent. Say that you do not receive a service of process notice about a lawsuit. You will not even know that your business is getting sued. Since you're unaware of a lawsuit, you won’t respond to the notice. This leads to failure to attend court proceedings. That is when the court issued a default judgment against you. Next thing you know, you could receive massive government fines and penalties. This goes to show how important it is to have a registered agent at an LLC. The agent will protect your business while giving you peace of mind.

When Does a Business Need an Agent?

A business or LLC needs a registered agent within every state where business takes place. Say that your business registered with a secretary of state in seven states. You must have an agent in every state. This government rule applies to more than an LLC (limited liability company). It also applies to a corporation, LLP (limited liability partnership), and limited partnership. None of these entities have the right to serve as their own agents. This means they cannot accept any legal papers. Instead, they have to appoint a third party agent. How Long Does It Take To Get an LLC? Are you starting a registered business like a corporation or LLC? If so, you have to select a registered agent right away. Agent criteria goes inside the articles of organization if you're starting an LLC. Say you're starting a corporation. The agent information goes inside the articles of incorporation. Keep in mind that registration forms will use different names in various states. You can download the forms from Secretary of State websites. Do I Need a Lawyer To Start an LLC?

We Are the Number One Registered Agent Service Company

A business never has to appoint a private individual as a registered agent. Instead, a company can hire a private, third party registered agent service. But look no further than our organization. We’re top-rated for a reason. Our experts can serve as agents for corporations, LLCs, and other businesses. That is why we specialize in registering as a corporate agent for service of process. We can do that with a Secretary of State in any state in the country. You can rest easy when you elect LegalRegistration.com as your registered agent. Sure, our annual fees are low. But your return for the fees is invaluable. You will have assurance that all important papers sent to your LLC will go to you. We can scan every document and upload them online for you ASAP. Remember, a registered agent can only assist you in the state where he or she lives. Well, say that you do business in twenty-three states. That means you must hire twenty-three separate people to serve as agents. Or, you can save time and money by hiring our organization. We can provide office addresses in every state. As a result, we’re your one stop shop for a new agent.

What Does “Service of Process” Mean?

Here is a definition of “service of process.” It is the action of informing someone that a pending lawsuit has taken place. In this case, service of process refers to legal action against someone’s company. The purpose of a registered agent is to accept each service of process. Otherwise, a business owner will not know that he or she is getting sued. What services do we provide?

More Information About the Purpose of Registered Agents

Sure, a registered agent receives official mail on behalf of an LLC or business. But here is the main purpose of a registered agent. An agent helps a company maintain state and federal government compliance. That’s because an agent informs a business owner of all legal notices. Plus, the agent also sends out annual report filing reminders. Think of a registered agent as the gatekeeper for all types of business entities. An agent is there for you so that you can take action and resolve all legal issues. Both large corporations and small businesses use the services of registered agents. An agent will receive legal documents like tax forms on behalf of an LLC. Each agent also conducts official government correspondence with an annual report. Through the service of process, an agent provides a summons, which is a lawsuit notice.

Maintain Compliance With US Law

Having a registered agent is your ticket toward maintaining compliance under US law. That’s because registered agents help businesses stay updated on state regulations. Your agent will send you consistent reminders about state requirements. Plus, an agent can file an annual report and take care of all government notifications. Registered agent services can maintain copies of every corporate document. This is crucial in case of unexpected loss, natural disaster, or theft. Your business can receive a backup of every crucial legal and company document. Get

Registered With an Agent & Experience Privacy

The agents at our organization value your privacy. They prove that through their exceptional work. In fact, your company or personal location will not even get listed on public record. Instead, only the registered agent service's physical address will appear. This is crucial for any type of business. But it matters even more if you're operating your business from home. There are many ways that our LLC registered agent service maintains privacy. It begins by preventing clients from getting served with in-person lawsuits. No one deserves to receive a summons in front of employees, family, or customers. Through our agent services, you will not have to worry about this taking place. Our physical address will stay public. Your address will stay private. It’s that simple. As a result, you won’t even need to worry about receiving unsolicited mail.

You Deserve Peace of Mind

Registered agents have a national reputation for providing peace of mind. Their work allows business owners to focus on running small businesses. A professional, third-party registered service can ease your stress in many ways. One way is that growing your business can become your number priority. Important LLC legal and tax documents will get received on an automatic basis. Then, the agent will archive the documents for safekeeping. LLC Registration Form. Through the registered agent process, you can maintain a healthy work-life balance. You will have all your personal and business mail separate. This way, work will not overtake your home life. Registered agents can also provide personal guidance. You'll have support if your company encounters any sort of legal problem.

Does Your Business Need a Registered Agent? Please Call Us Now

If your business needs the service of a registered agent, give us a phone call right now. The LegalRegistration.com team is standing by to serve as your company’s agents. Countless businesses in every state have benefitted from our registered agent services. We look forward to helping your company stay in full compliance with the government.

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