How Long Does It Take To Get an LLC?

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June 7, 2022, midnight

How Long Does It Take To Get an LLC?

How long does it take to get an LLC?” That is a common question our organization receives from new clients. Well, there is no exact answer. That’s because the duration of creating an LLC varies by every state. Some states process business filings faster than other states. In most cases, the process takes between five to ten business days. Keep in mind that LegalRegistration.com goes the extra mile. Our experts can sometimes create an LLC in only three business days. Again, this process depends on every state agency providing LLC approval. There are times of the year when customers can experience delays from stage agencies. Please give us a call right now if you have questions about getting an LLC. Our team can assess your information and provide fast, ideal solutions. This way, you can get your limited liability company off the ground ASAP.

What Is the Purpose of an LLC?

An LLC (limited liability company) functions as an independent legal entity. Each legal entity gets created through state law. US citizens can create LLCs in all fifty states and the District of Columbia. Each state has a statute that ensures limited liability company status. Every state has its own rules and regulations for the creation of LLCs. One state will have different paperwork than another state. But every state allows citizens to file their paperwork online or through the mail. Each LLC can operate one or more United States businesses. But that is not all an LLC can do. It can also hold specific assets. There are a variety of reasons why someone would create an LLC. The person might want to hold onto property, planes, cars, or watercraft. Again, think of the LLC tax structure as an official independent legal entity. That entity exists due to the need to file federal income tax. As a result, an LLC never pays tax on any business income. Why? Because the US federal government taxes profits that each LLC member earns. Those profits then get classified by the government as income. Then, local and/or state governments can apply separate taxes. Are you preparing to set up your own LLC? If so, you should seek legal advice from a lawyer or law firm. You can also call the LegalRegistration.com team if you have any questions.

Ownership of an LLC

So, who owns an LLC? Each LLC becomes owned by investors. The term “member” refers to each investor. In most cases, a company gets managed by a large group or designated member. Think of this concept as you would imagine shareholders for a corporation. Liability of each member becomes limited to the dollar amount that members invest.

Who Sets the Rules of Limited Liability Companies?

All rules related to LLCS get provided by state statutes. Statutes dictate how an LLC within a specific state becomes registered and created. But that is not the only purpose of a state statute. Statutes also define if an LLC must include an LLC operating agreement. (Or, an LLC articles of organization.) Otherwise, an LLC could permit some default provisions for proper setup.

How Do I Create an LLC? The process of creating an LLC has never been easier. All you have to do is pick up the phone and give LegalRegistration.com a call. Then, we can help you set up your LLC over the phone, no matter what state you're in. Or, you can order an LLC service here on our website. How Long Does It Take To Get an LLC? Many clients turn to our organization because starting an LLC involves quite a few steps. One key step is filing all articles of organization. You can do so in person, by mail, and sometimes online. The key is to reach the right department of the state where you're setting up the LLC. Then, you will have to fill out some general information. This includes your name, member names, company address, and dates of birth. You will also need all signatures of the owners. Next, you can provide this LLC information to the state. Do I Need a Lawyer To Start an LLC?

Tax Structure

Say that you file your official LLC through a state. You can then structure your LLC to resemble a corporation. In fact, it is crucial to do this. Why? So that you ensure all limited liability protection benefits under the corporation. Plus, you can then reap the basic benefits of taxation through the partnership.

LLC Fees Will Vary

The fees for getting an LLC always vary depending on the state. The basic filing fee can even range from $50 to well over $500. It all depends on the state where you decide to file your LLC documents. Without paying the filing fee, a state cannot approve your new LLC. Plus, the state cannot process your LLC articles of organization. Some states will allow you to file for an LLC using a single page form. Some states refer to this form as the “certificate of organization.” Meanwhile, other states call the form “the articles of organization.” Again, you must pay the state filing fee to process the form.

What Does LLC “Processing Time” Mean?

LLC processing time refers to how long it takes a state to review an LLC filing. Under LLC processing time, the state must also enter the filing into the state system. Say that the state approves your LLC at the end of processing. The state will send your approved documents back to you. This can take pale either online or through the mail.

What Does LLC “Approval Time” Mean?

Approval time for an LLC means the complete turnaround time for creating an LLC. It refers to how long it takes for an LLC to get approved from start to finish. Thus, processing time gets combined with the transit time of receiving documents.

What Is the Fastest Way To Form a New LLC?

The fastest way to form your new LLC is to order a service right here on our website. Or, you can pick up the phone and order your LLC with a team representative. Creating a new LLC is a lot faster online than it is when mailing documents.

Is It Fast To Create an LLC in California?

Many customers can form an LLC in California fast. The average online application time frame is three to five days. Meanwhile, California LLC applications can take three weeks by mail. That is a key reason why so many people create their California LLCs online.

Creating an LLC: 6 Steps

Consider using the following seven steps to create your new LLC. Say that you have questions about this step-by-step guide. Do not hesitate to contact our organization. One of our legal experts can walk you through each step.

Step #1: Choose a Name for Your Business

Put a lot of thought into what you name your business. After all, countless people will see your business name through marketing. Check to make sure that the business name adheres to state law rules. You cannot use a name that a business in your state also uses. Make sure that the name ends with three letters: LLC.

Step #2: Designate Your Registered Agent

US law ensures that each LLC must choose a registered agent. An LLC registered agent will handle all crucial documents like subpoenas. Each registered agent ships legal documents to the representative of the LLC. You have the option of designating yourself as the LLC registered agent. Or, you can hire an employee who acts as the agent. An agent must operate in your state during standard business hours. Also, you have the option of hiring a company to act as a registered agent.

Step #3: Secure the LLC Articles of Organization in Your State

This step continues the process of establishing an LLC as an official legal entity. You must file an LLC Articles of Organization document. Filing takes place through the business registration agency of each state.

Step #4: Fill Out an Article of Organization Document

It is now time to fill out an LLC Article of Organization form. Keep in mind that the criteria in this form will vary from state to state. But in any state, this form contains basic information that you must complete. It includes the business name, business address, and LLC duration. You must also describe how you intend to manage the LLC. Next, an organizer or business owner has to sign the form.

Step #5: Create the LLC Operating Agreement

An LLC operating agreement is crucial. It describes legal, financial, and management rights for LLC members. An agreement will also illustrate how profits will get distributed. Or, how current members can leave the LLC. Keep in mind that not all states use LLC operating agreements. But many legal experts recommend drafting this agreement no matter what. This way, the responsibilities and rights of all members become obvious.

Step #6: Maintain the LLC

Remember, creating an LLC is only the beginning. You must ensure that the state recognizes your business as soon as the LLC exists. Consider browsing your state’s business filing website for more information. Some states demand LLC owners to file annual reports and pay annual filing fees.

Do You Need Help Getting an LLC? Call Us Now

If you need help creating an LLC, please call our organization right now. Within minutes, our legal experts can assess your business needs and provide solutions. We also encourage you to browse our website to learn more about the basics of LLCs. Remember, you're not on your own when building your business. The LegalRegistration.com team is here for you at all times.

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