Do I Need LLC For Dropshipping? Here’s What Everyone Needs to Know

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Dec. 14, 2022, midnight

Do I Need LLC For Dropshipping? Here’s What Everyone Needs to Know

Another word for dropshipping

Do I need LLC for drop shipping? The simplest answer to this question is a yes! Especially if you want to protect your personal assets and drop the shipping company, you should acquire an LLC. It’s a legal system that allows you to build your online store. In other words, your business will be on the safer side by obtaining an LLC for a drop shipping business. Another word used for drop shipping business is delivery business or courier services. There are different types of drop shipping businesses, like product reselling, business extension, product creation, print-on-demand, etc. Through LegalRegistration.com, you can form an LLC in no time. Any drop shipper who wishes to minimize the obligations for the proceedings and business arrears should look for an LLC. A drop shipping business that doesn’t require an external venture is alright when looking for an LLC. An LLC is more common than you realize. Some prominent examples of LLCs include Johnson and Johnson, PepsiCo Inc, and Exxon Mobile Corp. these are some bigger brand names that have attained an LLC for the protection of their businesses and thus are running efficiently over time. Small businesses and startup ventures also need to have an LLC to ensure the security of their businesses. More than 70% of the businesses are using LLCs for their business operation, and you’ll need to make a critical decision about whether to operate a sole proprietorship or LLC for drop shipping. The main question arises again here; do you need an LLC for drop shipping? Before jumping on to further explanation, let us brief you about LLC.

What is LLC?

LLC stands for Limited Liability Company, and it is a business structure that is used mostly in the US to run business operations. This structure allows you to open up a business that is referred to as liability and is therefore detached directly from you. LLC protects business owners from getting involved in legal issues and protects them against any mishaps. The LLC form of business structure is especially favorable for beginners as initial business settlement takes time, and issues often arise at the start of a system. LLC in such a case is the easiest way out for the owners that prevent them from government penalties. LLCs can be seen as a mixed structure joining features of both a partnership and a corporation. Like a partnership, LLCs “pass-through” profits, so they’re taxed as part of the owners’ personal income. Like a corporation, LLCs provide owners with limited liability in the event the business fails. Though most businesses can title themselves under an LLC, some institutes like banks or insurance companies cannot form an LLC. Each LLC can get taxed as a partnership, S Corporation, or sole proprietorship.

What is Dropshipping?

Dropshipping, in the easiest terms, is a retail contentment method. It simply means that the retailer, which in the present scenario is the online store, doesn’t stock the products listed on its site. The working of the dropshipping business is explained below;

Dropshipping is like having a third party involved, often the wholesaler, who ships the products to the customers without choking the stock for the online retailers.

Why Do I Need LLC For Dropshipping?

As explained earlier, it is an easy way to lawfully start your drop shipping business. Drop shipping LLC is a concept that has amassed huge popularity globally. And if you have decided to do business with an outside investor and have no personal liabilities, only an LLC would be the best option. Below, we have mentioned how you can benefit from LLC protection for the dropshipping business:

Tax Benefits

Every business owner wants to make the most out of the tax advantages. Tax is an unavoidable process for official businesses. With an LLC business structure, the profits are directly passed to the owners of the business. And they can be rightfully acquired as personal income. Thus, this dodges the double taxation of the individual owners and the company. Please give the LegalRegistration.com a phone call if you need more information.

Personal Asset Protection

This is acknowledged as the number one reason to prioritize an LLC for dropshipping nosiness. Since the owner is not directly named in the procedure, this helps them to get rid of being personally held responsible for any debt, loss, or complaint. If your business goes bankrupt, your personal assets like bank deposit, land, and house will not be tracked, and no legal action from the court will be taken against you.


An LLC dropshipping improve the trustworthiness of your brand. Plus, you can improve the customer’s trust too. Unlike a regular business, it will easily grab the trust of financial institutions and customers both and help the owner to build brand recognition. It creates an opportunity to make the most out of bank credit. Even if you consult with dropship planners, they’ll somehow recommend you to start an LLC for a business like this. In short, initiating a dropshipping business with an LLC will:

How Much Does an LLC Cost?

The costs and requirements of an LLC will vary between states. You should know that the LLC has two basic fees, inclusive of the annual fee and the filing fee.

LLC Filing Fee

This one-time fee has to be paid to the state for the creation of your LLC. You can get in touch with the attorney to help you pay the filing fee.

Annual Fee

This is a mandatory fee, which is paid every 1 or 2 years. In 90% of the states, failing to pay the LLC fee will result in the cancellation of your business.

How to Attain an LLC for Dropshipping Business?

As mentioned earlier the LLC is highly recommended for startup businesses as it secures them from all upcoming risks. The best time to obtain an LLC for your dropshipping business is as soon as the formation of dropshipping is done. Some people, however, take time to establish their brand name under their own conduct and want to initially run the business as a sole proprietor entity, but usually, most of the business owners soon change their business structure from sole proprietor to Limited Liability Company. Get more information Sole Proprietor Here is how you can attain an LLC for your dropshipping business in six easy steps.

Choose Name

Choose your business name. Selecting an appropriate name is essential. Something that can get attractive in the customer market and grab the attention of potential consumers. Your company’s name should be unique and different. Do not go for a name that is already in use, because different companies cannot have the same name as per law. Search in detail before deciding on a name for your dropshipping company because much of the brand is operated and famed because of its name. A good name can have a good impact on the overall company.

Registered Agent

After the official name of the company has been decided, the next step involves the selection and hiring of a registered agent. A registered agent is one who would carry out all the documentation processes and help you with the legal paperwork. Every LLC should have a well-qualified and professional registered agent to help with the correspondence from the government and notices of lawsuits filed against the company if there are any. Most of the notifications or letters from the official authorities are to be collected by the registered agent therefore he should also have a physical address to receive the LLC-related letters and notify them to the business-related personnel.

Legally Form LLC

After you are done with the name and a reliable agent, the next step is to fill out the paperwork to form an official LLC for your business. LLC paperwork is referred to with several names in different states like “certificate of formation,” “articles of incorporation,” or “certification of organization.” You’ll also have to pay the fee according to your opted structure for the LLC formation of your dropshipping business. This is the step where you would decide whether your LLC is member-managed or manager-manager. Member-managed LLC means the owners of the dropshipping company are accountable for the regular procedures of the company. Whereas manager-managed means the LLC would introduce a 3rd-party to manage the dealings of the drop shipping company, thus the business owners can take a more inert role. For additional information What services do we provide?

EIN Application

EIN means Employer Identification Number, which is a nine-digit number, assigned by the Internal Revenue Service to business units operating in the US for identification purposes. Bank accounts for LLCs can be opened under EIN as well. IRS issues an EIN to only legally registered businesses, therefore for attaining an EIN you should first ensure that your company is officially registered. EIN also assures that all dropshipping business matters like sales, contracts, agreements, purchases, payments, and other activities are integrated into your entity through it. However, if your dropshipping doesn’t have several owners and there is only one who runs the system, then there isn’t a specific need for EIN.

Operating Agreement

In the case of several owners, there has to be a draft of the operating agreement. This draft is necessary to create harmony and unity among the operating bodies. The LLC operating agreement includes the clauses like;

LLC operating agreement is not mandatory in every state but is quite helpful to resolve conflicts and disputes, keep the business formalities updated, keep personal assets safe from the business stream, and avoid the claim of business mishaps or mismanagements. Check out article Hit & Run

Get the License and Permits

When all the prerequisites of forming an LLC are assorted, the last step is the official verification of the dropshipping business by attaining the licenses and the permits. Usually, a dropshipping business would get the required license and permit without any hassle but if your dropshipping business deals with items like food or alcohol, then you might have to get several permits.

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