How to Dissolve an LLC in Hawaii?

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Dec. 18, 2022, midnight

How to Dissolve an LLC in Hawaii?

Articles of dissolution Hawaii

When you first register an LLC, you will have to file an operating agreement. And if you want to dissolve your LLC, you will have to simply follow this operating agreement and file articles of dissolution in Hawaii to voluntarily dissolve your LLC. There are some points involved to ensure before you proceed with official paperwork. Make sure that all members of the LLC are agreed on one decision and finalize this decision with voting. After that, you can proceed with legal requirements. Through LegalRegistration.com, you can form an LLC in no time. Some of the steps involved are mentioned below:

Step 1: Follow Your Hawaii LLC Operating Agreement

There is an operating agreement filed when you registered your LLC with Hawaii state. In this agreement, there are complete details listed on how your company will operate. There is a section for the dissolution process. Some common steps involved in the dissolution of an LLC are:

Most companies follow this approach while dissolving the LLC. However, it is recommended to take professional help when dissolving LLC.

Step 2: Close all Tax Accounts

Before filing the articles of dissolution, you will have to contact the state and government entities and clear all outstanding taxes to date. It is recommended to pay all taxes in advance so you don’t face any issues later on. For more information visit the website LabyrinthTM Fundraising Compliance Some of the common types of taxes are:

These tax details are also mentioned in the articles of incorporation in Hawaii for nonprofit and profitable organizations. If you have filed federal taxes, you will have to go through the final return option on your IRS form. This form for partnership-based LLCs is form 1065, while for corporate LLCs, there is IRS form 1120.

Step 3: File Articles of Dissolution

A list of documents is needed to file articles of dissolution for LLC business. As soon as you have filed the articles of dissolution, the legal existence of your company will be over. Just like articles of incorporation in Hawaii, there are articles of dissolution. Get more information on Legal Registration Archives The entire process of filing these articles is discussed below:

Step 4: Cancel any Professional Licenses Held by LLC

If your company is registered as a limited liability company, you will need to cancel any professional licenses held by the LLC. You may also be required to file dissolution paperwork with the state. You can handle the process on your own as a business owner. Please give LegalRegistration.com a phone call if you need more information. If you were present at the time of your LLC’s registration with the state, you will know what type of licenses and permits are held by your company. All you have to do now is to cancel these permits and licenses in order to avoid their misuse in case your LLC name is taken by any other business. However, it is best to consult with a lawyer or do research on your own before making any decisions about this process. Your accountant can also assist you in canceling licenses and preparing for tax season, but it is not necessary for them to be involved in the dissolution process. The process of dissolving an LLC isn't difficult if you have done your homework ahead of time and consulted with experts when needed.

Step 5: Notify Creditors of the Dissolution

If you want to dissolve your business, the first thing you need to do is notify your creditors of this decision. This may seem like a trivial task, but it can make all the difference when it comes time for them to file a claim with the court. If you fail to notify them, they will have no idea that the company is winding down and could unwittingly create unnecessary issues for your company. The best way to notify creditors is by sending a written notice through certified mail or by hand delivery. The creditor must receive notification within 30 days of the dissolution. You should also tell the people who owe money to your company about what's going on so they don't come looking for payment from a defunct company. You should get a copy of the letter and hold onto it until after the dissolution process has been completed.

Step 6: Give Notice to Employees

The second last step is to formally dissolve the business by notifying your subordinates. You must notify all employees, customers, and suppliers of your intent to dissolve the company and provide them with a copy of the dissolution document for review. Once this is done you can file your Articles of Dissolution Hawaii with the state's Secretary of State office. The fees are different depending on the size of your company. For example, $200 for up to three members and $300 for more than three members. Also, the filing fee will be increased if you are doing it online. There are also separate filing fees that range from $5-$20 depending on what type of paperwork you're submitting.

Step 7: Close all Bank Accounts

Now that you have performed all the necessary tasks to dissolve your LLC, the last thing remains to be unattended. To finalize the dissolution of your LLC business, you'll need to close all of your company banks accounts to avoid any banking fees in the future. Additional information Business Licensing You can ask the bank or credit union for a certificate of closure, which will confirm that the account is closed and show when it was closed. Then, you should notify any companies with whom you do business that your company is no longer operational. For example, if you have a website hosted by another company, tell them that you won't be needing their services anymore.

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