How to Perform Arizona LLC Change of Address?

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Dec. 18, 2022, midnight

How to Perform Arizona LLC Change of Address?

Arizona LLC change of address

The process of changing the name of an LLC in Arizona can be more difficult than registering it. When you first register an LLC in Arizona, you have to provide a primary address on where your business will be located and where you will be carrying out your business activity. Through LegalRegistration.com, you can form an LLC in no time. However, changing your primary address in Arizona is not that daunting. The state of Arizona provides multiple methods to help businesses perform Arizona LLC change of address. So, the below-mentioned steps will help you whether you are going to file a change of address or a full amendment.

The Process of Changing Arizona LLC Address

When you are planning to change your Arizona LLC’s address, the first you’ll have to change is to gather the necessary documentation. This includes a completed certificate of good standing, which you can order from the Secretary of State Office. Please give LegalRegistration.com a phone call if you need more information. You will also have to gather a letter from the registered agent authorizing the change and a new bank account statement or other proof that shows your current address. Now that you have gathered all documents, it’s time to fill out the appropriate forms and submit them with the appropriate fee. Maintain accurate records at all times. If you have questions about what information is needed for the change, call your company's registered agent or look at their website for more information. You should also talk to any third-party vendors who use your address on bills or receipts because they may need to update this information as well. The most important part of the process is keeping track of where everything needs to go after you've submitted it. It may take anywhere between five days and one month before everything gets updated with your new address. In some cases, there may be delays because documents are being processed in a different state.

The Timeline

It can take up to 10 days for a change of address notice to be processed, so you should allow at least that much time before contacting the Secretary of State with any questions. You must also update your mailing address, contact information, and registered agent on file with the state. The completed form can be submitted by mail or fax, and a new copy is not required if you are just changing your address. In most cases, this process does not require court approval. If you are changing your company’s name, remember that the new company name cannot contain any words from its former name. Please contact the LegalRegistration.com team if you have any questions. Also, it will also need to include the word ‘LLC’ in front of it. Finally, when you need to make changes to your membership list, simply send out another certified document with updated names and addresses.

1. Update LLC Address with Statement of Change

Updating the LLC address in Arizona with the statement of change is the most effective and least expensive way to go. All you have to do is file an LLC statement of change of address or statutory agent, and you are good to go. The form of an LLC statement of change of address will allow the owners of the LLC to change their statutory agent, its address, and LLC’s main address. You might be wondering who is a statutory agent. Let us clue you in. A statutory agent is a person or business entity that accepts legal papers and lawsuits for an LLC.

How can you Submit the Arizona LLC Change of Address?

The Arizona corporation commission allows the filing of statements of change over the internet. Moreover, you can also visit them in person or mail them your application form. Filing online is much easier than all other methods, so we recommend you go with this method.

What Information will be included in the Statement of Change Form?

There are many benefits of an LLC in Arizona. In order to file the statutory agent acceptance, you will have to include some details in the form. These details include the complete and exact name of the LLC as mentioned in legal records and the new mailing address of your LLC. Get more information on Legal Registration Archives Moreover, it will require signatures from authorized members or members of the LLC, plus a $5 filing fee.

2. Update the LLC Address with Articles of Amendment

In case you want to make other amendments to your LLC’s business information along with changing its primary address, you will have to file Arizona LLC articles of amendment. This application form will cost a $25 fee, and the process might need some time longer to be processed. So, it is recommended to just file a statement of change if you are only considering Arizona LLC's change of address. As mentioned above, the basic fee is $5. However, if you need urgent processing, it will cause an additional fee. For same-day processing, the fee is $200, $100 for next-day processing, and it’s $35 for expedited processing. So, you will have to consider the circumstances according to your business preferences. Additional information Business Licensing Also, the updates in an LLC’s address will not require any publications in Arizona. But if you are going to file articles of amendment, you will have to follow Arizona’s publication rules.

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