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LLC Registration in Rhode Island

The LLC Rhode Island division of our company is here to help you with your LLC Registration in Rhode Island. You can order your LLC with Rhode Island registration right here on this web page. Otherwise, please give us a call. You can place your order with our customer service team over the phone. Our experts cannot wait to help you form your own limited liability company.

Start a Limited Liability Company in Rhode Island Today

Our organization is here to help you start an LLC in Rhode Island. We’re ready to go step by step until the state approves your application. Then, you can begin operating your business all across Rhode Island. Having a limited liability company matters. It’s one of the best legal business structures in the United States. That’s because it combines positive traits of a corporation and partnership.

Also, having an LLC can limit your personal liability. That liability applies to all sorts of business debts and lawsuits. Written below are common steps that our company takes to get clients registered. Please let us know if you have any questions about LLC Registration in Rhode Island.

Rhode Island LLC Name Reservation | LLC Registration in Rhode Island

Have you chosen a name for your Rhode Island LLC? If not, it’s time to pick a name and then get it reserved with the state. Here is how Rhode Island state law applies to limited liability company names. Your RI LLC name has to end with the following words. The words are: “Limited Liability Company.” Or, you can use these abbreviations in the state: “LLC” or “L.L.C.” The state will also allow you to use lower case abbreviations: llc” or “l.l.c.”

Of course, your LLC name has to get distinguished from other Rhode Island business names.

This is where the Rhode Island Secretary of State comes into play. The State Secretary maintains a file of all active business names in Rhode Island. But you have the power to check for name availability. All you’ve got to do is go online. Then, access the Rhode Island Secretary of State’s business name database.

Say it turns out that your preferred LLC name has availability in Rhode Island. That is when our LLC experts can reserve your new business name with the state. A reservation will last up to 120 days. The key is for us to file the Reservation of Entity Name (Form 620). We’ll handle this filing through the following state organization. It’s called the Rhode Island Secretary of State’s Corporations Division. Our LLC experts can take care of this reservation by mail or online. Then, next thing you know, your new business name will get approved by the state. Can Serve as a RI LLC Resident/Registered Agent

A common next step in the Rhode Island LLC registration process is to get a resident agent. In fact, no LLC in the state can operate until it has an agent in place. Your resident agent will handle all service of process duties with the state. An agent in Rhode Island can function as a person or business entity.

The agent will accept legal papers on behalf of your LLC.

This scenario applies to any type of lawsuit that your company could receive. Keep in mind that “resident agent” and “registered agent” refer to the same exact term. Most states refer to an LLC agent as a ‘registered agent.” But in Rhode Island, many authorities use the term “resident agent.” has authorization to serve as your agent in Rhode Island.

We can provide you with a state office address on your LLC formation documents. This way, the state will recognize us as your official resident agent. Please browse our website to learn more about our resident (registered) agent services. But also feel free to call us if you have any questions.

We’ll File Your Rhode Island Articles of Organization | LLC Registration in Rhode Island

Our LLC experts are standing by to file your Rhode Island Articles of Organization. This crucial filing takes place through Form 400. Our team can fill out your form with 100 percent accuracy. Then, we’ll file it with the Rhode Island Department of State. Let’s now go over what should go inside any RI Articles of Organization.

Your Rhode Island articles filing should begin by you stating the name of your LLC.

Then, the state will ask for the address and name of the registered/resident agent. Next, write how you expect the LLC to get treated for federal tax purposes. You can then write down the address of your LLC principal office. The next step is to state if the LLC will get manager-managed/member-managed. Say that you want the LLC to become manager-managed. You must provide the names and addresses for each manager.

There are two other pieces of information that the RI State Secretary will need from you.

You have to write down the date that your articles will become effective. Plus, you must include a valid signature of the authorized person filing the articles. Then, the Articles of Organization can get filed by postal mail or online. Keep in mind that our organization can take care of all these registration steps. This way, you can focus on growing your business while we handle the paperwork.

Our Experts Can Prepare Your RI Operating Agreement

We’re standing by to help you draft your Rhode Island LLC operating agreement. Now, the RI state government does not enforce the creation of agreements. But it is in the best interest of every LLC in the US to have an operating agreement. That’s because an agreement serves as the primary document of any LLC. It puts in place powers, liability, duties, and rights. This criteria can affect every owner, manager, and member at an LLC.

Keep in mind that the operating agreement functions as an internal business document.

This means that you do not need to file it with the Rhode Island Department of State. Say that you fail to secure an operating agreement at your new business. You’re then risking leaving the state with more authority over your LLC. Please give us a call right now to learn more about LLC operating agreements. We’re prepared to help you set up your future liability company for success.

Register an EIN (Federal Employer Identification Number)

Our organization can help your new Rhode Island business secure an EIN from the IRS. This service doesn’t come with our standard Rhode Island LLC registration program. But for an extra charge, our experts can get an EIN on behalf of your company. An EIN refers to any standard IRS Employer Identification Number.

Almost every LLC and business in the United States uses an EIN.

It positions companies to hire employees and file taxes. Whether you own a one-member or multi-member LLC, chances are, you need an EIN. Feel free to contact us at any time to set up an EIN for your business.

File Annual Reports | LLC Registration in Rhode Island

Did you know that every type of LLC in Rhode Island has to file an annual report? That’s right. Both domestic and foreign LLCs in the state must provide a report every year. Here is the official name of the Rhode Island LLC annual report. It’s called the Limited Liability Company Annual Report (Form 632). The report must get filed through the Rhode Island Secretary of State. The State Secretary will charge a $50 filing fee to process your report.

Your LLC has to file the report every year between September 1st and November 1st.

Your first report will become due the year after you filed your Articles of Organization. That’s another filing that must go through the Rhode Island Secretary of State. You can file your LLC annual report online or through postal mail.

But wait- you do not have to do any filing at all. Instead, leave the paperwork to our organization. That’s right. can take care of your LLC annual report filing each year. Say that we’re already the resident agent of your limited liability company. That means this filing process can take place on an automatic basis every year.

Our LLC Rhode Island Team Can Guide You Step by Step with your LLC Registration in Rhode Island

The LLC Rhode Island division of is standing by to help you. These business experts can go step by step with you at any moment. This way, you can form get an LLC Registration in Rhode Island with ease. We know that how to get an LLC in Rhode Island seems complicated. But we have the tools and resources to make the process simple for you. Our experts won’t rest until you know how to open an LLC Rhode Island. Then, we can help you keep up with all annual registration needs.

Are you ready to learn how to start an LLC in Rhode Island?

If so, you do not have to spend hours reading articles online. Instead, please pick up the phone and give us a call. Our experts will make starting an LLC in Rhode Island a piece of cake. Yes, there are some complicated steps. But you’re never in this alone. Our business is your business. And we won’t rest until your business secures an LLC in Rhode Island.

We Can Help You Start a Business as a Limited Liability Company | LLC Registration in Rhode Island

If you’re ready to start a business, is here to assist. We can help set up your LLC to fit your exact business needs. Our Rhode LLC Island team is only a phone call away at all times. They’re prepared to take care of any form of state registration. Plus, our experts even specialize in federal registration like getting an EIN. This way, your business can protect itself from liability come tax time. Whether your new LLC is big or small, our experts cannot wait to help you out. Our website can file any limited liability company form in Rhode Island.

Our organization has helped countless Rhode Island business owners form LLCs.

Each time, our R. Island LLC team goes the extra mile. They know how to jumpstart an LLC with precision and accuracy. We even use a patented “in Rhode” filing process. This process streamlines the registration needs of any small business in the state.

Speaking of business, your business is our business.

Our company knows the difficulties in setting up any type of LLC or business. Sure, there’s state registration like the operating agreement. But then a business has to deal with federal registration like an EIN. That’s why we encourage you to read about the LLC services on our website. You’ll find that our experts can handle every type of registration step in the state.

Our RI LLC Services Get Results | LLC Registration in Rhode Island

If you need to form an LLC, you’ve come to the right spot. Our organization is the premier business registration service in the country. Through our program, one of our Rhode LLC Island specialists is standing by. These specialists can execute any type of business or entity formation in the state. If you’re looking to start a company, our team can complete every step for you today. We even provide full-scale agent services for resident agent documents. This way, your company can stay in compliance with all Rhode Island regulations. Our experts can even secure an EIN for your business. As a result, your LLC will adhere to all IRS tax policies with ease.

Rhode Island is a great state to form a limited liability company within.

The key is to understand which standard business formation processes to use. But there are also some complicated LLC filing rules and laws in the state. That is where our Island LLC division can assist. They’re known in Rhode as one of the top third-party registration services. Through our division, your business can adhere to all state regulations ASAP. The services of our company are full-scale and cover every registration step.

Even if you need your LLC in more than one state, that’s no problem at all.

We can help you create an LLC in any state of the country. Our business experts can do it all. From reserving your business name to drafting an operating agreement. Pardon the pun, but we’re the Rhode to success for your company. is here to help a business stay in state compliance. We won’t rest until your LLC is up and running through our step by step process.

More Information About Forming a Business in Rhode Island

Let’s now go over some more information about setting up a business in Rhode Island. Here is how a standard liability company formation process works in the state. First, you will need to name your company. After all, every business has to register a unique company name. The key is to check for name availability. Why? Because there are tens of thousands of LLCs registered in the state.

Here is the solution for securing a business name in Rhode Island.

You should refer to the state entity name database. It’s called the RI Department of State Corporate Database. You can use the database to check the availability for your LLC name. There is also a website section that we recommend checking out. It’s the RI Department of State Name Availability Guidelines. Reading the guidelines will clue you in on how to secure the name of your new business.

After getting a business name registered, it’s time to secure a registered agent.

Once again, the state of Rhode Island refers to a registered agent as a “resident agent.” This person or entity will receive legal and official documents sent to your LLC. Say that you hire an individual to serve as your resident agent. That person must show proof that he or she is a Rhode Island resident. Otherwise, say that you hire a business entity to serve as your resident agent. That entity must have an official business office address in the state.

Make sure that you put some thought into how you set up your LLC business structure.

But wait- what is a business structure? It is the legal process for getting an LLC or company organized. Keep in mind that our organization can provide business structure resources. We can even send you a Rhode Island business structures chart. The key is to ensure that your LLC can begin operating in a streamlined process.

Please browse our website to learn more about common LLC business structures.

Or, you’re welcome to call our experts and ask tons of questions. Remember that our website services are for any type of business entity. From an LLC to a corporation to a sole proprietorship or partnership. If you decide you need a different type of entity than an LLC, that’s no problem at all. We can get any type of business registered for you across the state of Rhode Island.

Register Your New Rhode Island Business Today | LLC Registration in Rhode Island

So, what are you waiting for? It’s time to form a new business in the state of Rhode Island today. Our experts can file every registration document through the RI Department of State. No matter what type of business structure you need, your LLC or entity can count on us.

We can even send you a chart about getting specific business structures registered. This process can also apply to a sole proprietorship or general partnership. Our experts can also help you form a limited partnership in Rhode Island. The key is to give our RI business registration team a phone call. We can help you get your business registered ASAP.

We’ll Get Your LLC Registered With the RI Division of Taxation

Our organization is standing by to register your new business and LLC. We can even get your business registered with the RI Division of Taxation. When doing so, our team can help provide your information using the Taxpayer Portal. Your LLC can access the portal to both file and pay business taxes. Plus, the portal will allow you to renew your business tax license. Or, to apply to receive a letter of good standing from the RI state government. Please contact us now if your LLC needs help getting registered with the division.

Our Experts Can Assist Your LLC With Rhode Island Business Taxes

“Does my LLC need to pay business taxes in Rhode Island?” That is a common question that the team receives. Well, here is the answer. Every LLC in Rhode Island has to register to pay state taxes. The registration takes place through the Rhode Island Division of Taxation (DOT). In most cases, your LLC can complete the registration online. Here is the form it must complete. It’s called Form BAR, Business Application and Registration Form.

Keep in mind that our company can assist you with filing Rhode Island business taxes.

Our experts can take care of all your state tax registration and filing needs. You must note that the RI DOT will collect a minimum annual tax of $400. This tax applies to every LLC in Rhode Island, no matter the profit or loss of a business. Please give us a call if you need more information about Rhode Island LLC taxes. Our team can go over annual filing rules for LLCs in the state. Then, we can help set up a program that takes care of business taxes.

We Provide Limited Liability Company Dissolution Services

Say that you decide to no longer continue operating your Rhode Island LLC. That’s no problem at all. Our experts can help you dissolve your limited liability company with ease. Or, we can dissolve any other type of business entity in the state. This way, you can reduce the liability related to government fees and legal issues. Please contact us now to learn more about our LLC dissolution services. We can help you save time and money through full-scale business dissolution.

Are You Ready To Secure an LLC in Rhode Island? Call Us Now | LLC Registration in Rhode Island

Our business is ready to help you form a limited liability company in Rhode Island. Please give us a phone call right now to get started. During your call, feel free to ask tons of questions. Our experts will help you set up a Rhode Island LLC that fits your exact needs. We cannot wait to help you get your new business off the ground.