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LLC Registration in South Carolina

The LLC South Carolina division of is here to help with your LLC Registration in South Carolina.  You’re only seconds away from beginning the LLC formation process. That’s because you can order a new limited liability company on this web page. Otherwise, please give us a call to order a South Carolina LLC over the phone. Our professional LLC registration team cannot wait to give you a helping hand.

We Can Take Care of All South Carolina LLC Online Filings | LLC Registration in South Carolina

You do not need to spend countless hours figuring out how to get an LLC registered. Instead, our organization can take care of all your South Carolina LLC registration. When doing so, our experts can work one on one with the SC Secretary of State’s Office. We can provide the LLC filings to that office using our online resources. Plus, the South Carolina State Secretary website features a Business Entities Online system. Our team can use that system to file your new business online. Sure, this process applies to LLCs. But we can get all types of legal entities registered in the state of South Carolina.

Our organization can also process the Uniform Commercial Code (UCC) Electronic Filing.

When doing so, our team can handle the Search & Retrieval system of the state. This way, you and your business can search through UCC filings. Plus, you can file UCC documents like financial statements. Please give us a call right now if you need help with any LLC online filing. Our experts won’t rest until your business has complete compliance in South Carolina.

Common Steps for Starting an LLC in South Carolina | LLC Registration in South Carolina

Written below are some common steps that you can take to start your SC LLC. Keep in mind that our organization can handle each step on your behalf. But the EIN registration is separate from our standard LLC formation package. If you have any questions about the steps, do not hesitate to contact us. We’re passionate about helping all South Carolina businesses succeed. Our team won’t rest until you understand how to form an LLC in South Carolina.

South Carolina LLC Formation Step 1: Get a Business Name

Your first step in forming a South Carolina LLC is to secure a business name. Here is how state law in South Carolina affects LLCs. Your official LLC name has to feature one of the following phrases. Either “Limited Company” or “Limited Liability Company” will work. Otherwise, you must use one of four liability company abbreviations. They are: “LC,” “L.C.,” “L.L.C.,” or “LLC.” The state will also allow you to abbreviate “Company” and “Limited.” You can abbreviate “Company” as “Co.” and “Limited” as “Ltd.”

The name of your SC LLC cannot appear like any other entity name in the state.

After all, thousands of business entities have files through the state government. These filings exist on the South Carolina Secretary of State website. In fact, we recommend that you use that website to check for LLC name availability. The most important step is to access the South Carolina State Secretary website. Then, go to the South Carolina Secretary of State business name database. You can use the database to browse the names of other LLCs in the state.

Our organization can help you reserve a business name with the state government.

The LLC name reservation will last up to 120 days after a filing. Here is the document that we must file to secure a name reservation. It’s called the Application to Reserve a Limited Liability Company Name. This reservation goes through the South Carolina Secretary of State Corporations Division. The State Secretary will not allow you to make a reservation on its website. Instead, we must send out your filing by mail. Then, the state will charge a small filing fee to process your LLC name reservation.

Did you know that you can use a fictitious business name in South Carolina?

That’s right. Any LLC can use a fictitious business name or even a DBA: doing business as. The official, legal name of your LLC will appear in your Articles of Organization. But that does not mean you must use that name when conducting business. Instead, our experts can file for a fictitious business name on your behalf. Or, feel for a DBA, assumed name, or trade name. Say that you decide to secure a DBA for your LLC or business entity. The key is to register a DBA through the county where your LLC conducts business.

South Carolina LLC Formation Step 2: Secure a Registered Agent

The next step in the LLC formation process is to secure a registered agent. In South Carolina, this is not an option. Every limited liability company needs to get an agent. Then, that agent will handle all service of process legal duties. An agent can operate as an individual with an address in South Carolina. But oftentimes, LLCs prefer to hire business entities like our’s. We have a national reputation for providing agent services all across the US.

Say that your South Carolina limited liability company gets sued.

Your registered agent will then accept all legal papers on your behalf. This way, you won’t risk getting embarrassed in front of customers or staff. Please give us a call right now to learn about our registered agent programs. As your trusted agent, we can help keep your South Carolina business in compliance.

South Carolina LLC Formation Step 3: File Articles of Organization

This is one of the most important steps of any LLC registration process. A South Carolina LLC cannot exist until it files Articles of Organization. This crucial filing will get processed by the SC Secretary of State. Written below is the most important information that must go into your filing.

First, you must provide the official, legal name of your LLC.

This includes the exact state entity designation of your business. Next, state the address and name of your LLC’s registered agent. You’ll then need to provide an office address for your limited liability company. On the next page, the state will ask you a crucial question. It is: will your LLC have a manager run the company? This is where you let the state know if your LLC will get manager-managed. Say that’s the case for your business. You must provide the name and address of the LLC manager.

The next step in the articles filing process is to provide a term end date.

Only do this if your LLC will last through a specific number of years. You must also inform the state if your LLC has a delayed effective date. This is not common because most people intend to start running a business ASAP. Then, list the address and name of at least a single LLC organizer.

Every listed organizer must sign the Articles of Organization for your LLC. The state will allow you to file the articles by mail or online. Make sure that you create a user name and password to file online. The South Carolina State Secretary will charge a filing fee to process the articles.

South Carolina LLC Formation Step 4: Draft an Operating Agreement

Your LLC in South Carolina should prepare an operating agreement at this stage. Now, South Carolina state law does not enforce drafting operating agreements. But trust us. Every LLC in the US should have an official agreement in place. That’s because your LLC operating agreement is the number one internal document. Keep in mind that can draft your operating agreement. Please give us a call at any time if you’re interested in this service for your new LLC.

A business will reference its agreement countless times to maintain state compliance.

After all, the document will define rights and responsibilities for all key players. From current and future managers and members to even the LLC owners. Do you want individuals at your business to understand how you want it managed? If so, then that’s reason enough to create an operating agreement.

The document can also help maintain limited liability legal status in the state.

That’s because agreements prove that each LLC functions as a separate business entity. But say that you fail to draft an agreement. This means the state government will have more power over your business. In fact, South Carolina State LLC law will define how your LLC operates. That’s reason enough for you to want to form an operating agreement.

Here is the information that must go inside your South Carolina operating agreement. First, you must note the members’ percentage interests through your LLC. Then, you have to inform the state about the rights and responsibilities of each member. This includes describing the voting powers that your LLC members have. Next, describe how your business will distribute its profits and losses. You’ll then need to cover rules for taking votes and holding meetings at the LLC. The state might ask you for more information about members at your LLC.

South Carolina LLC Formation Step 5: Get an EIN

The final main step of LLC formation in South Carolina is to get an EIN. Keep in mind that our organization can take care of this step on your behalf. But we do not include this EIN service in our standard LLC formation package. Instead, you can add this service to any standard LLC package at our company.

An EIN is the official Employer Identification Number of the IRS.

Almost every LLC in the United States must have an active EIN. Without one, a business cannot complete so many important processes. From paying employees to getting a business bank account registered. Please let us know if we can help you file an EIN application through the IRS. Our experts provide EIN numbers for all types of business in South Carolina.

Our LLC South Carolina Division Is Ready To Assist You | LLC Registration in South Carolina. 

The LLC South Carolina division of is here for you at all times. In fact, you’re only seconds away from them helping you open an LLC in South Carolina. Once you secure an LLC, our South Carolina LLC experts can maintain it. This way, you won’t have to worry about completing annual registration. Instead, our business is your business. We provide full-scale LLC solutions for any type of company in South Carolina. Are you at the beginning stages of forming your limited liability company? If so, you might not yet understand how to get an LLC in South Carolina. But our experts can go over that information with you at a moment’s notice.

We know how to start an LLC in South Carolina using first-rate tools and resources.

Starting an LLC in South Carolina is difficult for other LLC registration services. But not our business. Using decades of experience, our team can form your LLC in South Carolina with ease. So, what are you waiting for? Let’s open an LLC in South Carolina today. Please give our LLC business team a call right now. We cannot wait to answer your questions and help you find formation solutions.

We Can Form Your SC Limited Liability Company Right Now | LLC Registration in South Carolina. 

There’s no need to put off getting an LLC registered in South Carolina any longer. At least, there’s not with at your side. Our Carolina LLC formation service is in a league of its own. In fact, our services have benefited business after business across the south. We know state LLC formation policies better than any other website. Because of this, we can form a limited liability company with ease. Even if you need different LLCs formed at the same time, that’s no problem for us. When creating your LLC, our service will keep your legal liability in mind at all times. As a result, you won’t need to worry about limited protections of liability. Instead, we’ll focus on safeguarding your personal and business liability on a 24/7 basis.

Sure, South Carolina features some complicated processes for forming LLCs.

But our experts use advanced IN South tools and resources to register each LLC. This way, securing an LLC becomes easy for all our customers. Even if you need an LLC in different states, our team can register foreign LLCs. For example, say that you need an LLC in every state within the south. As your LLC formation service, we can use OF state technologies. Through the technology, we’ll get all LLCs registered in every state. When taking care of each formation, we’ll focus on the limited liability of the LLC. It could take months for other websites to form the LLC of your business. Meanwhile, we’ll work at lightning speed to register each business ASAP. Without question, we’re the LLC service that you can depend on.

Our Business Is Standing By To Help You Start a South Carolina Company

When it comes to LLC registration, our organization has a simple motto. It is: “our business is your business.” But that’s more than a motto. It’s the truth. Our business would not exist if we didn’t help our clients form new businesses. Whether in Carolina or anywhere in the South, our services extend to all LLC types. We can create the business of your dreams while adhering to state policies. But that’s not all. Our organization also specializes in federal business registration. This applies to services like getting an EIN or any other IRS tax registration. Your business might start out small. But through our website, you can help it grow over time. The key is for us to keep your LLC registered with the South Carolina state government.

Do you need help forming a business entity in South Carolina? | LLC Registration in South Carolina

If so, do not spend any more time searching for solutions on Google. Instead, go ahead and give our Carolina LLC division a phone call. They’re known in South as a premier formation service for every kind of an LLC. But say that you’re trying to get a corporation or another entity registered. That’s no problem at all. We can get any type of small business registered in the state.

Again, your business is our business. That will become even more of the case if we can serve as your registered agent. No matter what, please read our services section on this website. It features so much information about how we can benefit a business in South Carolina. From securing an EIN to registering Articles of Organization. There are no limits to what can do for you. We’re prepared to do all it takes to help your new South Carolina business succeed.

Form an LLC in South Carolina Now | LLC Registration in South Carolina

Are you starting a new business in South Carolina? If so, is here to help you out. All you’ve got to do is call us at any time. Then, we can begin forming your new business entity ASAP. Our services extend to every type of entity in South Carolina. From an LLC or sole proprietorship to a limited partnership or corporation. We can set up your business to meet your exact needs and expectations. No matter what you envision for your new LLC, we can make it a reality. All you’ve got to do is communicate to us how you want your business to run. Then, our LLC experts will get right to work. They won’t rest until you’re 100 percent satisfied with the formation of your business.

Say that you’re unsure about forming a limited liability company in South Carolina.

There are many reasons why people prefer LLCs over other entities. One key advantage is that an LLC reduces the personal liability of an owner. Of course, liability can apply to different types of lawsuits and business debts. This legal concept positions business owners to have a lot of flexibility. That flexibility then extends to management, ownership, and even IRS taxation. Do you want to learn more about LLCs in South Carolina? If so, please give us a call today. We’re standing by to form your LLC with speed and accuracy in mind. Without question, you can count on our business formation services to get the job done.

We Can Check on LLC Name Availability | LLC Registration in South Carolina. 

Have you decided on a business name for your LLC in South Carolina? If so, we can help you check the availability of the name. After all, your LLC business name cannot appear like any other name in the state. Our experts can contact the South Carolina Secretary of State on your behalf. Then, the State Secretary will let us know if a name already exists on file. If not, then we can reserve a new business name for your LLC. Please browse our website to learn more about limited liability company names. We pride ourselves on helping businesses secure their official names.

Our LLC Experts Can Draft Your South Carolina Operating Agreement

Sure, the state of South Carolina doesn’t enforce the creation of operating agreements. But that does mean you should ignore drafting an agreement for your business. Doing so could come back to haunt your company months or years later. Instead, it’s time to get proactive and protect your liability and assets.

Our organization can begin drafting your LLC operating agreement right now.

Doing so can do more than protect your limited liability status. An agreement can also stop management from having a misunderstanding. Or, your entire business from having a major financial problem. Plus, the state government will impose basic rules if an LLC does not use an agreement. Please call us right now and we can begin drafting a first-rate agreement. Our team will work with you to ensure the agreement covers all key areas. This way, you can rest easy knowing your business has some legal protection in place.

Questions About Starting an SC Business? Contact Us Today | LLC Registration in South Carolina

If you have questions about starting an SC business, our team has the answers. Please give our organization a phone call at any moment. Or, you’re welcome to email or message our team here on this website. All you’ve got to do is describe what you envision for your new business. Then, our experts will get to work and come up with intelligent solutions. We can provide every South Carolina registration resource that you need. Then, we’ll take care of all document filing on your behalf. Our company cannot wait to help you form a new LLC or business.