How to Trademark a Business Name in Tenessee: Things You Should Know

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Dec. 14, 2022, midnight

How to Trademark a Business Name in Tenessee: Things You Should Know

How to trademark a business name in Tennessee

Any word, name, symbol, device, or combination of these used by someone to identify products created or sold and to set them apart from goods made or sold by another person is referred to as a trademark.In order to register for a trademark in Tenessee, you can visit the government website. Here is the link to the website.LegalRegistration.com.

The Necessary Filing Fee for Registering Trademark

You are supposed to go to Each Class specified in the application's number 10 which is subject to a $20.00 filing fee. The cost is $20.00 if there is only one (1) class listed. However, this cost raises to $40.00 if two (2) classes are listed.Make payments to the Tennessee Secretary of State with a check, cashier's check, or money order in case you are there in person for walk-in filings. Cash is accepted only on a walk-in basis.

The Basis on Which Your Application for Registration of Trademark Can be Rejected

The following is a list of the most common reasons:

How long is the Life of a trademark Once it is Registered?

Five years after the date of filing, trademark protection is in effect. Trademarks may be renewed for further terms of five years beginning six months before their expiration date and continuing through the day of expiration. PartnershipS Corporation, or sole proprietorship.

What Essential Role Does the Secretary of State play in Prosecuting Infringement of Trademarks?

The Secretary of State has no authority to control how trademarks are used or to bring legal action when they are misapplied. The Department of State is designated as the filing agency for trademarks by the Tennessee Trade Mark Act of 2000. The Department's function is solely that of a minister. You should speak with a lawyer or other specialist if you have any concerns concerning the "protection" of a trademark infringement.How Long Does It Take To Get an LLC?

How to Search Business Names Tennessee?

Next, use the business information search tool in Tennessee. This is a crucial step because if you try to file for a name that is already in use, your application will be rejected.The type of Tennessee trademark search needed will depend on your company's needs. For instance, a distinct and readily available name is necessary to:

Make a Formal Business Filing for Operating Agreemet LLC Tennessee

You need to file a DBA name for any type of business structure you want to set up. However, for unofficial business entities like sole proprietorships and general partnerships, a state-level name search is not necessary for Tennessee.But, if you opt to register an assumed name or DBA name, you'll need to conduct a database check to see whether your preferred name is both unique and available.LabyrinthTM Fundraising Compliance

Create a Company with the State of Tennessee

You must submit your formation documents to the state in order to register your business with the State of Tennessee once you have decided on your business structure and name.You must submit the Articles of Organization to the Tennessee Secretary of State in order to register your Tennessee LLC. Applying can be done in person, by mail, or online. Or have your LLC created for you by a specialist who will show you how to trademark a name in Tennessee.Sole Proprietor.

Federal Trademark Protection 

Your mark must be unique and unlikely to be mistaken with an existing trademark in order to qualify for federal trademark protection. When choosing a trademark, pay attention to what you are selling, how it differs from the competition, and what makes it distinctive. Stay away from generalised descriptions of your goods or services; the more distinctive your proposed mark is, the higher your chances of having your application accepted are. Spend a lot of time looking through the USPTO website for any trademarks that are already in use that may be compared to yours.Trademarks are quite precise; the "class" of products or services for which you are seeking protection will be the only ones to which your mark will apply. Still, other businesses are free to utilize your mark on different products or services. For instance, the name brand "Delta" is used for both an airline and a faucet.The Best State for LLC.

Obtaining a Trademark

The U.S. Patent and Trademark Office has thankfully shortened the procedure by making it online, making trademark registration less of a paper-intensive endeavor. Expect a protracted wait for the approval. There are several processes involved, and the USPTO advises applicants to plan on waiting 12 to 18 months for a response.The process of obtaining a trademark is divided into various steps:

1- Determine Your Trademark

After deciding on a prospective trademark, you must conduct some research and make a decision on the level of protection you desire for your mark. This is how: LLCTo find out if the phrases, designs, products, or services you want to trademark are already in use, search the USPTO database. Choose between a conventional character mark, a design mark, or a sound mark as your mark format. Using the information provided on the ID Master List, provide the precise products and services that the trademark will cover as well as the relevant trademark class. Make a decision on your filing basis. What services do we provide? 

2- Application to be Filled Out

To prepare and submit your application online, first create a USPTO account. It should be noted that depending on whether you select TEAS Plus or TEAS Standard, the initial trademark costs will either be $250 or $350 per class of products or services. sole proprietor.

3- Wait for approval

If your application is accepted, the USPTO will assign it a serial number and forward it to an examining attorney for consideration. You will receive a letter if the lawyer detects problems with your application, and you must reply if you wish to keep your application active.A letter approving or rejecting your trademark application will be sent to you. Your mark will be published in the USPTO's weekly newsletter, "Official Gazette," if it is accepted. Any party that thinks they could be harmed by the mark has 30 days following publication to submit an opposition. Your mark will be registered if there is no objection or if the opposition is overcome in your favor.Hit & Run 

4- Finish the remaining paperwork

You must keep the USPTO trademark registration current for as long as you want to use the mark. To make sure that your registration does not expire, specific paperwork must be finished as well as an annual check of the Trademark Status and Document Retrieval (TSDR) system.Do I Need a Lawyer To Start an LLC?
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