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Welcome to the LLC Arkansas division of Legal Registration. We specialize in registering Arkansas LLCs (limited liability companies). This way, business owners can receive limited liability protection. Through an LLC, you can experience many tax advances and management options. Our team’s standing by to form your LLC in Arkansas. They’re ready to file a Certificate of Organization today. This filing takes place through the Arkansas Secretary of State.

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Feel free to order your Arkansas LLC right here on our website. Or, you can pick up the phone and order with a customer service representative. Either way, our LLC experts can guide you through the entire LLC registration process. From reserving a company name to hiring us as your registered agent. We can even help you get an IRS Employer Identification Number (EIN). Our LLC experts cannot wait to help your new Arkansas company succeed.

We’re Ready To Form Your LLC Today

Our organization is here to form your LLC right now. This process is perfect for anyone in Arkansas starting a business. We also specialize in assisting those that already operate as sole proprietors. Your AR LLC can limit the personal liability that you have as a business owner. This concept of liability applies to both business debts and lawsuits.

Each LLC can protect the management, taxation, and ownership of a business. If you need to learn more about LLCs, we encourage you to read the info below. Or, you can pick up the phone and call our Arkansas limited liability experts. They can’t wait to help your new company get registered with both the state and federal government.

Our LLC Specialists Can Serve as Your Registered Agent

Every LLC in Arkansas must elect a registered agent. No exceptions. This has to take place before a company owner can form any sort of LLC. So, what role does an Arkansas registered agent play? The agent functions as a company or person accepting the service of process. In other words, a registered agent has to inform an LLC if there’s a lawsuit. Plus, the agent also receives crucial notices from the Secretary of State.

Does your Arkansas business not yet have a registered agent?

If so, look no further than Legal Registration. We can protect your company through full-scale registered agent services. Please call us now to elect us as your agent. We can then file an Arkansas Certificate of Organization on your behalf. This way, the state will recognize us as the registered agent of your LLC.

We Take Care of All Limited Liability Company (LLC) Paperwork

Our team knows what it’s like to register a new business with the Arkansas government. You have to deal with tons of forms, fees, and records requests. We understand that filing so much information can cause major headaches. But fear not. Through our services, you do not have to worry about filing any LLC paperwork. Instead, leave that to the LLC professionals at

We’re standing by to file all your LLC forms and documents online today

This way, the Arkansas ACH can approve your new business ASAP. Our experts will work one-on-one with the Business and Commercial Services office. We’ll make sure the office approves all your state LLC forms right away. Plus, we can also guide your company through all other standard LLC procedures.

Whether you’re starting a domestic (Arkansas) LLC or a foreign LLC, we can assist.

We hold an excellent relationship with the Arkansas Secretary of State office. They know that our business and commercial services go the extra mile. And you will too, once we help you form your brand-new Arkansas company.

Can an LLC Use a Fictitious Business Name?

Yes, any LLC can use a fictitious business name in the state of Arkansas. This means that you do not need to use your official LLC legal name. want to know How To Start Your Own Business? That’s the name you will register within the Articles of Organization. Once you register the articles, your company can conduct business in the state.

Did you know that an LLC can use a trade name or fictitious business name in Arkansas?

Plus, an LLC can also use an assumed name or DBA: doing business as. Here is how the name registration process works in the state. Our organization will file the Application for Fictitious Name. This common business filing takes place through the Arkansas Secretary of State. We can send out your name filing through postal mail or online. Our team will then charge one small fee that completes the name filing.

Our Business Experts Know How To Register an AR LLC Fast

Are you about to open an LLC in Arkansas? If so, Legal Registration can provide an LLC in Arkansas right away. We know that starting an LLC in Arkansas can seem difficult. But we’re here to guide you through the process. We know how to start an LLC in Arkansas in a simple and painless manner.

You can even give our LLC services division a phone call right now.

When you do, ask us how to get an LLC in Arkansas. Then, before you know it, you’ll have your very own Arkansas LLC. Without question, no other LLC Arkansas third-party organizations compare. We’re in a league of our own when it comes to LLC registration in Arkansas.

Let Us Know if You Need Help Getting an LLC Name

Are you unsure if you can secure the exact LLC name that you envision? If so, our organization is here to help. We can contact the Arkansas Secretary of State on a direct basis. When we do, our team will discover which LLC names already exist. If your name’s taken, we can provide you with a list of other potential names. Remember, you’re never on your own when it comes to AR LLC registration. We can do it all. From conducting an LLC name search to getting on the phone with the AR SOS. Our team won’t rest until you can secure your proposed LLC name.

Start an AR LLC in Five Steps

Please use the information below to learn how to start an LLC in the state of Arkansas. We’ve included five basis limited liability registration steps. Keep in mind that our organization can take care of every single step. Visit & know How Long Does It Take To Get an LLC? In fact, you can order a full-scale LLC registration package. This way, you won’t have to worry about filing confusing paperwork with the state.

There are many reasons why forming an LLC is so important.

Most US legal experts stand in agreement about LLCs. They state that they provide a superb legal structure for any type of business. Sure, an LLC features key limited liability aspects of a corporation. But it combines those aspects with a lack of formality. This way, you can gain the advantages of using a sole proprietorship or corporation.

Say you’re an Arkansas business owner. And you want to limit your liability when it comes to business debts. Plus, you want to avoid lawsuits getting directed at your company. Well, there’s one simple solution for you. It is to form an LLC. Please follow the five steps listed below about creating LLCs. If you have questions about how to form an LLC, please give us a call.

Arkansas LLC Registration Step #1: Reserve a Name

A crucial first step when forming an LLC is to give it a name. Here is how Arkansas state law works when it comes to the names of LLCs. Your LLC must have the term, “Limited Liability Company” in the title. Or, it should have “LC,” “LLC,” “L.C.,” or “L.L.C.” The state will allow you to abbreviate “Limited” as “Ltd.” Plus, you can abbreviate “Company” as “Co.”

Do you plan on having your company perform professional services?

If so, you must use the term “Professional Limited Liability Company.” Or, you can use “Professional Limited Company” within the LLC name. Otherwise, the state will make you use one of the following abbreviations. They are: “P.L.L.C.,” “P.L.C.,” “PLLC,” and “PLC.”

Here is a common question about Arkansas LLCs that our organization receives. “Can my LLC feature the name of a person?” The answer is no; unless, the person is an official member of the LLC. Once again, you can abbreviate “Limited” as “Ltd.” Plus, you can abbreviate “Company” as “Co.” An LLC name has to get distinguished from other business entity names. This refers to business names already on file in Arkansas. Anyone can access current LLC name filings through the Arkansas Secretary of State. You can find an Arkansas Secretary of State business name database online.

LLC name reservations last up to 120 days in Arkansas.

Say that you need to make a name reservation. Our organization can file the name reservation on behalf of your new business. We’ll file the Application for Reservation of Limited Liability Company Name. This filing takes place through the Arkansas Secretary of State. We’re standing by to file your LLC name reservation for right now. Please give us a call or message us on our website to get started.

Arkansas LLC Registration Step #2: Elect an Agent

The second LLC registration step is to appoint a registered agent for your new entity. Each Arkansas LLC in the state has to have an agent for the service of process. An agent can operate as either a business entity or an individual. Do you want to know What services do we provide? Your agent will agree to accept legal papers on behalf of the LLC. This is a crucial process if the LLC experiences a lawsuit.

Without exception, every agent agrees to accept a service of process.

Then, the registered agent transfers the information over to the LLC. Say that you elect to hire a business entity to serve as your registered agent. The entity must have complete registration with the Arkansas Secretary of State. Now, let’s say that you decide to hire an individual to serve as your agent. That registered agent must operate as a full-time resident of Arkansas.

Arkansas LLC Registration Step #3: File the Articles of Organization

It’s now time to get your LLC Articles of Organization filed with the state. No LLC in Arkansas can operate without filing the articles. This LLC filing process takes place through the completion of Form LL-01. The Arkansas Secretary of State will review the LLC form and then make a decision.

Your articles have to feature the name and address of your LLC.

They must also include the address and name of the LLC registered agent. The state of Arkansas will also need you to write a statement. The statement will state if your LLC gets run by a manager. Put the signature of the LLC organizer below the statement. The articles form will get filed online through the Secretary of State website.

Arkansas LLC Registration Step #4: Draft the Operating Agreement

There is no rule stating that you need an LLC operating agreement in Arkansas. But it is best for you to create an agreement anyway. That’s because the operating agreement is a very crucial document. It states how every LLC gets run by owners, managers, and members. Plus, it also states the responsibilities and rights of the members and managers. This way, the state can understand how the LLC gets managed. The Best State for LLC.

An operating agreement can preserve the limited liability of any LLC.

This way, the state will allow you to maintain the LLC as a separate business entity. Now, say that you fail to draft an operating agreement at your company. The state can use LLC laws to govern how your LLC will operate. Please contact us for access to operating agreement creation services. Forming a limited liability business gets easier once you have an agreement in place. Our organization can file your Articles of Organization after we draft an agreement.

Arkansas LLC Registration Step #5: Secure an EIN

Does your LLC in Arkansas have more than one single member? If so, you need to get an IRS Employer Identification Number (EIN). That is the case even if no employees work at your Arkansas business. Now, let’s say that you form a one-member LLC.

In most cases, you still have to register an EIN with the IRS. That’s the case if you intend for your company to hire at least one employee. Or, if you decide to get taxed as a corporation. Want to know How To Start Your Own Roofing Business? (Instead of getting taxed as a sole proprietorship.) Our team’s standing by to fill out your EIN application. We can file that application through the IRS website on your behalf.

The Basis of the Annual State Tax in Arkansas

Every domestic and foreign LLC in Arkansas must pay an annual state tax. The lowest amount that an LLC must pay the state government is $150. The money goes to the Arkansas Secretary of State every year. Most LLCs also have to file annual franchise tax reports. The filing also takes place through the Arkansas Secretary of State.

Our organization can file your annual franchise tax report online.

Plus, we can help you download the report form through the AR Secretary of State website. Both the $150 tax payment and franchise tax report become due by May 1st each year. Say that your LLC is late making a payment or filing the report. The state of Arkansas can hit your company with penalties and fines.

We Can Dissolve Your LLC

Say that your LLC business does not work out the way you expected it to. Our organization can provide the official dissolution of your LLC with ease. We can do so right when you decide to close your business and stop operations. Here is the end-result of dissolving your company as an LLC. You can limit liability for both government fees and lawsuits. Please contact us now to learn the specific steps of LLC dissolution. You can also find more LLC dissolution information on our website. What types of lawyers are in the Lawyer Zone network?

Our Team Can Draft Your Arkansas Operating Agreement Today

Sure, the state of Arkansas will not force your company to draft an operating agreement. But that does not mean you should not have an agreement in your office. That’s because each operating agreement protects limited liability status.

An agreement will also prevent all sorts of business misunderstandings from happening.

The key is to put all your LLC rules inside the agreement. Then, Arkansas state law will not interfere with many aspects of your business. Please contact us now to arrange operating agreement drafting services.

We’re Ready to Help You Get a Business License

There are many different types of business licenses that your LLC could need. No matter the specifics of your company, Legal Registration can assist. We specialize in helping Arkansas businesses get both state and local licenses. These business license services apply to any local area in Arkansas. We can even go city by city to provide tons of unique licenses. This way, the state will allow your LLC to continue operating with ease. Many of the filings take place through the Arkansas Department of Workforce Services

Our Experts Can Assist You in Forming a Single-Member LLC

Do you need to form a single member LLC? If so, our LLC formation services will go the extra mile. We can even provide both single-member and multi-member LLC registration. When doing so, we’ll adhere to all state standard government registration steps. Plus, we can even instruct a single-member LLC how to file a tax return. This way, your business could experience some tax saving benefits in Arkansas. Give us a call right now to access our single member LLC registration services.

Are You Ready To Get an LLC in Arkansas? Call Us Now

If you need an LLC in Arkansas, you’ve come to the right destination. Legal Registration is the number one spot for registering state LLCs. Visit & check the LLC Registration Form. Feel free to order your AR LLC right here on our website. Or, we encourage you to give us a call and order the entity over the phone. Either way, our LLC experts cannot wait to get your business registered.

We won’t rest until the Secretary of State approves your application and all forms. Plus, we’re also here to help you with all your other Arkansas registration needs. Our team looks forward to helping you set up an ultra-successful company.