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Our organization provides full-scale LLC Illinois services. If you need to form an LLC in Illinois, our team can provide it for you ASAP. This way, you can launch any sort of business as a limited liability company. Please use this web page to order your Illinois LLC. Or, you’re welcome to pick up the phone and place your order at any time. Either way, cannot wait to provide you with a new LLC.

We’ll Create Your LLC in Illinois Today

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Are you ready to form your LLC in Illinois? If so, our experts are going to register your business right now. Registration takes place through the Illinois Secretary of State. We’ll begin by filing Articles of Organization, which is official formation paperwork. But wait! There’s one step you will need to take before we file the articles. First, you must name your business and appoint us as your registered agent. Say that our team files your LLC Articles of Organization. We can then help you draft your LLC operating agreement. Plus, our experts can also help you secure an EIN number. That number comes through an official filing with the IRS. Can Serve As Your Registered Agent

If you need a registered agent for your LLC, you can count on With us, you can avoid any problems related to your registered agent address. Tons of Illinois business owners depend on our professional registered agent services. Say that you sign up for our agent services. Our registered agent partners will stay in touch with you at all times. They can provide crucial tax, legal, and other notices related to your LLC. As a result, you can know ASAP whenever the state contacts your business.

Our services can do more than ensure your compliance with the state of Illinois. They also adhere to all state and federal registered agent rules and regulations. Trust us. You do not want to get served legal notices in front of other people. That will lead to both embarrassment and the loss of revenue at your company. Instead, our agent services can keep you organized and in full state compliance. Say that a registered agent receives notices about your business and LLC. The agent will inform you right away. Then, you can handle the notices in any manner that you’d like. Plus, you can view, print, and download every type of legal notice from an agent.

Our LLC Business Services Can Take Care of Your Articles of Organization

We’re here to serve as your guide for organizing a domestic limited liability company. The team’s helped countless Illinois LLCs succeed. Here is one of the first steps that our legal experts take. They help a new limited liability company file the Articles of Organization. This can take place over the phone or through an online application. We often file paper form LLC 5.5. This form is for an LLC with a specific purpose or involving unique LLC provisions. In a short period of time, we can file your application with the state of Illinois. This way, the creation of your Illinois Limited Liability Company will get completed. Keep in mind that we cannot use application form LLC 5.5 in another state.

Here is what your LLC Articles of Organization must state.

It has to feature the business address and names of each LLC manager. Plus, the articles also have to state the business address and name of each member. In most cases, only a member with the same authority as a manager applies to the articles. Say that your company has state authorization to establish services. It has to file the separate Certificate of Designation. This LLC filing refers to form LLC-37.40. So, when can the Certificate of Designation get filed? Only after your limited liability company becomes created through the state. That can only happen after an Articles of Organization filing.

Every LLC must file an annual report.

This report gets filed through the Illinois Secretary of State. The can file this report on behalf of your LLC each year. Say that your LLC does not file the annual report in time. The state of Illinois can apply a late filing penalty. This penalty refers to Section 50-15 of the Limited Liability Company Act. Now, say that your LLC does not file the report within 180 days of its due date. The state of Illinois will dissolve your company. Please call our organization if you need help filing the Articles of Organization. We can take care of both paper and electronic filings. Are you the organizer of your limited liability company? If so, you have the right to serve as either a manager or member of your company.

The Name of Your Limited Liability Company

Have you decided what to name your LLC company? If not, we can help you make sure a potential LLC name is unique. It has to get distinguished from any other corporate name or LLC in Illinois. This is an official application rule based on the Secretary of State from Illinois. Say that another Illinois limited liability company dissolves. You still cannot use the dissolved LLC name until three years have passed.

The name of your company has to feature the letters: LLC. Or, L.L.C./Limited Liability Company.

Your LLC name cannot feature words like, Corp., Incorporated, or Corporation. It also cannot feature words like Inc., L.P., or Limited Partnership. Only the IL Secretary of State office can make the final decision about an LLC name. This policy applies to all limited liability company names. LLC Registration Form.

LLC Addresses

You cannot use a post office box or a c/o address as the address of your LLC. This Illinois state rule refers to the principal place of business. Or, the office address that a registered agent has. Remember, every limited liability company has to appoint a registered agent. Then, that agent must get maintained within a registered office. A registered office cannot exist in a location outside the state of Illinois.

The registered agent will have the authority to accept the service of process. Plus, the agent can serve as a conduit for the exchange of information. That change takes place between the Secretary of State office and your LLC. The IL Secretary of State office will mail official documents to a registered agent. Then, the registered agent will receive the mailings at the agent office address.

The State of Illinois Application & Payment

Say that our organization sends your LLC application and payment to the state. Your LLC will then receive an email receipt from the Illinois Secretary of State. In most cases, a non-expedited service request will take place, under review. Then, the Secretary of State will send a second email response. This often takes place in 7-10 days after an LLC application submission. Now, say that your proposed LLC name cannot get used. An email from the Secretary of State will inform you of this. Then, the state charge will get reversed.

We’re Here To Help You Register an LLC ASAP

Our LLC Illinois division is standing by to help your new LLC get registered right away. No other company even has its own Illinois LLC division. But our IL LLC specialists know all about state registration in Illinois. They also know how complicated it can seem to form an LLC in Illinois. So, feel free to call us now and ask how to get an LLC in Illinois. We’ve taught hundreds of customers how to start an LLC in Illinois with ease.

Sure, starting an LLC in Illinois can seem like a major challenge.

But you are not in this alone. The is here to ensure your success. We can guide you through every single LLC registration step. From picking an LLC name to filing your application with the Secretary of State. Our experts cannot wait to help you get your new company up and running. How Long Does It Take To Get an LLC?

Forming Your Illinois LLC Through 5 Key Actions

Written below are five key actions our company can take to help you set up your Illinois LLC. We’ve also included first-rate information to position your LLC for ultimate success. Keep in mind that the guidelines refer to establishing a domestic LLC. So, what is a domestic LLC? It’s an LLC that gets formed in the exact same state where an owner resides. But foreign LLCs also exist.

A foreign LLC is an LLC that gets formed in a separate state. Please let us know if you need help registering a foreign LLC in Illinois. In that case, we will file the Application for Admission to Transact Business. This LLC filing is a different process than what’s written below. Here are five crucial actions to take so that your Illinois LLC can become established.

Key Action #1: Name the LLC

The first key action to take is to name your Illinois LLC. A business name matters. It’s the first impression that your investors and potential customers get. So, put a lot of thought into which name you decide to use for your LLC. The state of Illinois has a series of LLC name rules and regulations. Let’s now go over the Illinois state law policies for LLC names. These policies refer to guidelines issued by the Illinois Secretary of State.

Per Illinois state law, your LLC name has to feature one of the following terms.

They are: Limited Liability Company, L.L.C., or LLC. Most states allow an LLC business name to feature one of two abbreviations. The abbreviations are: Ltd. and Co. Unlike other states, Illinois does not allow these LLC name abbreviations. Your LLC name cannot refer to either a limited partnership or corporation. As a result, you cannot use words like Corporation, Incorporated, or their abbreviations.

Your LC business name also has to not hold similarities to other IL company names.

You can find a list of active names on record through the Illinois Secretary of State. Our organization can help you do an Illinois business entity search. This way, you can discover if your desired LLC business name already exists. Say that another Illinois business has dissolved itself and you want to use the name. Per an Illinois law, you must wait three years before you can use the LLC name. An LLC name in Illinois cannot use a word that implies there’s a government agency. Plus, your LLC name cannot feature the words: Assurance, Banking, or Insurance. The Best State for LLC.

Say that you have questions about finding an LLC name.

Our organization can communicate with the Secretary of State Department of Business Services. We can also help you reserve an LLC name in Illinois. The reservation will last 90 days. Plus, we can also assist you in reserving an IL DBA business name. DBA refers to Doing Business As.

Key Action #2: Choose an Illinois Registered Agent

It’s now time to secure your new registered agent within Illinois. It’s a state law that every Illinois LLC needs a registered agent. So, what is a registered agent? It’s a business entity or individual receiving crucial legal notices. This way, you can protect your business.

An Illinois registered agent is a person or company that resides within Illinois. The entity/individual has to have authorization for conducting business within the state. This means that the agent must have a physical address in Illinois state lines. A registered agent cannot use a PO box. Each agent has to have availability during standard business hours. This way, the registered agent can receive a service of process and other legal notices. In fact, an agent must accept all legal notices and government mail for your LLC.

Under Illinois state law, you can serve as your own registered agent.

But most legal experts agree that this is not a good idea. Why? Well, there are several reasons not to serve as your own agent. First, it’s very inconvenient to hold availability during all business hours each week. Plus, you do not want to risk getting served with a legal action at your business. This situation could ruin your relationships with clients and investors of your LLC.

Say that the state of Illinois cannot find your registered (statutory) agent.

This often means that the state cannot reach the registered agent office address. If that happens, the state will come after your business and LLC. Failing to maintain an agent leads to the forced dissolution of your LLC. That is why we encourage you to hire our organization as your registered agent. Without an agent your LLC can depend on, you will take big-time legal risks. You need an agent that can inform you of a lawsuit or legal action ASAP. That’s why it’s best not to have a friend or family member serve as your agent. Instead, you can depend on the registered agent services of

Key Action #3: File the LLC Articles of Organization

Your next key action is to file the LLC Articles of Organization. Illinois Articles of Organization registration takes place through Form LLC-5.5. The form features LLC formation documents. You can use the documents to register your LLC in an official manner. Here is the institution where you must file your documents through. It is the Illinois Secretary of State Department of Business Services. When you file with the Secretary of State, the filing is for the Limited Liability Division. The state of Illinois often charges a filing fee of $150. Otherwise the state will not process your Articles of Organization application. Do I Need a Lawyer To Start an LLC?

Let’s now go over basic information for an Illinois LLC Articles of Organization.

Include the following information when you file your Articles of Organization. First, you all need to state the name of the LLC based in Illinois. When you write the LLC name, also include the LLC designator. Next, write the business address of your company. This refers to the LLC principal place of business. Then, write the date that your LLC Articles of Organization will go into effect. With this information, the IL Department of Business Services can file your articles.

You must now list both the address and name of your registered agent.

Plus, you have to state the purpose of your Illinois LLC and the LLC term of existence. Keep in mind that there is a perpetual term for every LLC, unless stated otherwise. It’s now time to list the business addresses and names of LLC initial managers. Also, the business addresses and names of LLC members with manager authority. The state might also ask you to list separate provisions related to your LLC. For example, it might ask you to state what the management structure of your LLC is. This information relates to the operating agreement of your LLC. Each organizer of your Illinois LLC must sign the application. The state will enforce you to type out the Articles of Organization.

Keep in mind that more than one organizer can form your LLC.

An LLC organizer can function as a business entity or an individual. Every organizer has to sign the LLC Articles of Organization. Our own business,, can serve as your LLC organizer. The IL Secretary of State will take about ten days to process your application. Then, you will know if your Illinois Articles of Organization gets approved. Keep in mind that our LLC registration service can speed up the waiting time. But we do charge a small fee.

Key Action #4: Draft Your Operating Agreement

The next key action is to form your own Illinois LLC operating agreement. Keep in mind that Illinois state law doesn’t enforce drafting operating agreements. But almost every LLC in the United States features an operating agreement. Why? Because an LLC operating agreement defines how an LLC will run.

There are many benefits associated with using an LLC operating agreement.

First, an agreement can help prevent all sorts of legal and personal disagreements. These disagreements relate to LLC assets and responsibilities. Through an agreement, your LLC can use custom company procedures and rules. Here is an example of how that works. Say that you decide not to use an LLC operating agreement. This means the LLC management structure defaults to member-managed status. An agreement will also define how your company gets managed and operated. You can draft a succession plan that goes inside the agreement. This is ideal if an LLC member dies or leaves the company. Plus, an agreement will make your business look better in the eyes of the court system. What types of lawyers are in the Lawyer Zone network?

So, what goes inside an LLC operating agreement?

The agreement should feature crucial details about how the business runs. You can begin by stating the management structure of your LLC in Illinois. For example, is your LLC manager-managed or member-managed? Ownership allocation is another great concept to feature in the agreement. This section can define who gets what share of business profits. The agreement can also state the exact process for adding a member to the LLC. Plus, the document can state who has the author to act on behalf of the company. You should also include plans for dissolution of your Illinois LLC. Please contact us if you need access to an LLC operating agreement template.

Key Action #5: Get an EIN

Your final key step is to secure an EIN: Employer Identification Number. The number also refers to an FEIN: Federal Employer Identification Number. An EIN also takes the place of an FTIN: Federal Tax Identification Number. Each EIN functions like an SSN: Social Security Number. The EIN positions the IRS (Internal Revenue Service) to recognize your LLC. Almost every small business owner in the US needs an EIN. Otherwise, the owner cannot open a business bank account or pay employees. In fact, an LLC owner cannot even hire new employees without an EIN.

Our organization advises you to open a business bank account right away.

Why? Because having an account relates to a major benefit of creating an LLC. It is that you can separate business assets from personal assets. To enjoy this benefit, you cannot risk commingling funds. So, the solution is to set up a business bank account. This way, you can manage all LLC finances within Illinois. You should also consider securing an LLC business credit card. The LLC credit card can assist you in separating personal and business expenses. What Is the Difference Between Tax ID and EIN?

Our LLC Experts Can File Your Annual Report

Say that you plan on operating an LLC within the state of Illinois. This means you’ll have to file an annual report every year that you conduct business. The IL Secretary of State demands that annual reports get filed through the state. An annual report filing is not too complicated. It features most information within an LLC Articles of Organization.

The purpose of the filing is to inform the Secretary of State of your LLC status. This way, the Secretary will know if changes to the LLC have taken place. Please give us a call right now to access our Illinois Annual Report Filing Service.

What Is the Difference Between Manager-Managed & Member-Managed?

Every LLC owner has to make a crucial decision. It is: should an LLC get manager-managed or member-managed? There is no right or wrong answer here. It comes down to the unique situation related to your new LLC. Many LLCs become member-managed. This means the LLC owners/members can manage all day-to-day business activities.

Now, say your LLC members do not have time to run the company day-to-day.

That is when you should consider adopting a manager-managed setup. Here is how a manager-managed LLC functions. The LLC owner can appoint at least one member to manage the LLC. Or, the LLC owner can hire an outside manager. The key is to find someone who can run your business in an honest, efficient manner. This concept is crucial when you’re drafting your LLC operating agreement. An LLC agreement must state the level of decision-making power that a person has.

Should I Draft an Operating Agreement If I’m the Only Owner?

This is a common question that receives. Owners of single-member LLCs often get confused. They’re unsure whether they need an LLC operating agreement. After all, there’s only a single owner at a company. In most cases, it’s best to go ahead and draft an LLC operating agreement. Why? Because potential business partners and investors will want to see an agreement. But you’re not in this alone. Our organization can draft an LLC operating agreement on your behalf right now. Please give us a call to get started.

Having an operating agreement could benefit you at any moment.

Say that someone takes you to court. If so, the person could claim the LLC and yourself serve as the same legal entity. Thus, that individual could go after your personal assets. That is a key reason why having an LLC operating agreement matters. Without an agreement, a single-member LLC can look like a sole proprietorship. Then, a court can apply a ruling that does not favor the owner of the LLC. Having an operating agreement will protect you from this negative legal scenario. Using official LLC internal documents can provide legal protection to any LLC owner. The documents separate the individual from any sort of business entity.

Call Us Now: We’re Prepared To Help You Form an IL LLC Today

The team is ready to help you form and create your LLC in Illinois. Please use this web page to order your LLC formation service. Or, you can pick up the phone and give us a call right now. Within mere minutes, our experts can assess your unique needs and recommend solutions. Even if you’re based in a state other than Illinois, we’re prepared to help you. We provide full-scale domestic and foreign LLC services. Our company looks forward to helping you establish your LLC with ease.