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LLC Louisiana

Register your LLC in Louisiana

The LLC Louisiana division of our organization is #1 in the state for LLC registration. Whether you’re starting a new company or need annual filings, we can help you Register your LLC in Louisiana. You’re welcome to order standard Louisiana LLC formation on this web page. Otherwise, feel free to call us and place your order over the phone. Either way, our team cannot wait to help you register and  secure an LLC in the state of Louisiana.

Why should i Register an LLC in Louisiana?

LLC stands for “Limited Liability Company.” This refers to limiting your personal legal liability as a business owner. Plus, each LLC features a simple entity structure for a company. Meanwhile, owning a traditional corporation features way less flexibility. But through an LLC, you can experience most of the same corporate benefits. If you need more information, check out the LLC guide on our website. LLC Registration Form.

Start Your Business Today | Register your LLC in Louisiana Right now!

Our organization is here to help you Register your LLC in Louisiana. We can go step by step with you at any moment to help your LLC succeed. A key first step is to figure out your ideal business structure. Sure, you have your sights set on forming an LLC. But we can also help you establish any other type of business entity. From a sole proprietorship to a corporation or a standard partnership. We can even assist you in creating a limited liability partnership.

Every type of business entity in the state has its own advantages and disadvantages.

Plus, there are tax scenarios that you must keep in mind. But you’re not in this alone. Our experts can help you figure out which entity structure works best. Then, we can file all your paperwork with the Louisiana Secretary of State. In some cases, you might also need to consult an attorney or accountant. Many newcomers to the world of LLCs also decide to speak with a tax practitioner.

The commercial division of is here to administer all your paperwork.

We can file any sort of partnership, corporation, or trademark in Louisiana. While doing so, our experts will adhere to all state statutes. This includes Louisiana R.S. Title 12 Corporations and Associations. If you need more information about LLC statutes, please let us know. Our team’s prepared to educate you about establishing the ideal LLC. Then, we can keep your business running through annual registration services.

We Can Handle All Your geauxBIZ Filings 

Our organization is here to make it simple for you to manage your state business filings. The filings can get sent to the state online using the geauxBIZ portal. The portal will accept documents sent to the Louisiana Secretary of State. It also accepts filings addressed to the Louisiana Department of Revenue. geauxBIZ even handles Louisiana Workforce Commission applications. Plus, we can also help you use the geauxBIZ portal for LLC tax account registrations.

geauxBIZ might seem difficult to navigate at first.

But you’ve always got on your side. We can assist you in securing ideal business resources. This way, you can plan how to manage your LLC and make sound financial decisions. Point blank: we make starting a business with geauxBIZ simple and easy.

The portal also features a list of potential state, local, and federal licenses.

It even has a list of permits that an LLC business might need. Our experts can help you secure any type of permit and license. This way, you can complete your new business filing with ease. Please call us right now to get started. We can begin the LLC process by getting a new business name registered. If you want your company to succeed in Louisiana, you can depend on us.

Register your LLC in Louisiana  With Our Professionals

Our LLC Louisiana division cannot wait to help you get your new business registered. They provide full-scale Louisiana LLC services, tools, and resources. We get it. How to get an LLC in Louisiana might seem like an impossible task. After all, there’s so much complicated paperwork to send to the state. It can feel like you’re filling out application after application for days on end. But you do not have to worry about that any longer. Our organization is here to ensure your immediate business success. We can do the paperwork while you focus on growing your business. In fact, go ahead and call us right now. We can instruct you how to start an LLC in Louisiana. How Long Does It Take To Get an LLC?

To Register your LLC in Louisiana involves a lot of paperwork.

That’s why our registration agents are here to go step by step with you. They know how to make forming an LLC in Louisiana simple and painless. Other companies only care about making money. Instead, we care about making our clients successful. That’s why we’re ready to help you open a Louisiana LLC today. We’re not going to rest until you’re operating a full-scale limited liability company.

Creating an LLC in Louisiana Is Easy With | Register your LLC in Louisiana

To Register a new LLC in Louisiana is never easy. Or, at least, it wasn’t until our organization arrived on the scene. We’re here to make your entire limited liability company formation process easy. Our team can do that by handling every filing and registration process with the state. The first step is to file your LLC Articles of Organization. We’ll make this filling with the Louisiana Secretary of State.

Our team’s standing by to take care of any LLC filing by mail or online.

We encourage you to reserve an Articles of Organization filing with us now. It’s the most important legal document of any limited liability company. You cannot create your Louisiana LLC without having quality articles in place. Our experts also invite you to browse our website so you can learn about LLCs. We have advanced tools and resources about how to start an LA LLC. From now on, consider us your go-to guide in the world of LLCs. We’re here to help you form the company of your dreams with ease.

We Can Reserve the Name of Your New LLC 

A crucial step in the Louisiana LLC formation process is to select a name. But you cannot choose any name in the world. An LLC name must adhere to Louisiana naming rules and regulations. Plus, it’s best to have a name that customers and prospects can find with ease.

Let’s now go over the LLC entity naming guidelines in Louisiana.

The name of your LLC must state that it’s a “limited liability company.” Otherwise, feel free to use a common abbreviation like L.L.C or LLC. Your LLC name cannot feature any government agency terms. These include State Department, Treasury, and FBI. The state of Louisiana even has a list of restricted words. These include University, Attorney, and Bank. Keep in mind that you can still use these words. But you first have to file paperwork with the LA State Secretary. The Best State for LLC.

Let our organization know if you need a full list of the naming rules within Louisiana.

The state legislature has its own naming conventions that apply to all LLCs. You must also make sure that your proposed LLC name has availability. When doing so, go to the  State of Louisiana website. That is where you can do a name search. If you struggle to find a name, please call the team. We can check with the Secretary of State to see if you can get a specific name.

Our Company Can Operate As Your Registered Agent to Register your LLC in Louisiana

Did you know that every LLC in Louisiana has to secure a registered agent? This is a state law that you do not want to violate. A violation could lead to major fines and penalties for your company. So, what is a registered agent? It is a person or business entity that receives important legal documents. The agent secures the documents on behalf of a limited liability company. Then, the registered agent supplies those documents to the LLC right away. In other words, an agent plays the role of a point of contact. Agents create communication between the state and each client that’s an LLC.

A registered agent must live in the state of Louisiana. Or, the agent can operate as a corporation with a Louisiana physical address.

That is what our own organization does. We can have your government mail sent to our Louisiana office. Then, we will supply your business with the information ASAP. Do you need to learn more about the role of a registered agent? If so, please contact us if you’d like to read our online guide. Plus, we can tell you more about why our organization is the perfect registered agent. Our service already goes the extra mile for countless LLCs across Louisiana. We’re honored that they depend on us to keep them up-to-date with state documents.

We’re Prepared To File Your Articles of Organization

Registration of a Louisiana LLC cannot take place without this crucial filing. The state must read your Articles of Organization before you can operate as an LLC. No exceptions. The Louisiana Secretary of State will view your articles after we file them for you. Then, the State Secretary should accept the filing and move to the next registration step.

We can execute an online, by fax, by mail, or in person filing of your Articles.

When doing so, we’ll state if your LLC will get managed by a member. If not, that means your LLC must get manager-managed. Contact us now if you need a Louisiana Articles of Organization guide. Say that you’re expanding your LLC into Louisiana. We can help you establish a foreign LLC.

Get a Louisiana LLC Operating Agreement Through Our Services

The state of Louisiana does not enforce the creation of operating agreements. But your LLC should still have an operating agreement anyway. In fact, it’s one of the most important documents that any business must have. The agreement will outline your operating procedures and ownership terms. This way, management, your employees, and the state will stay on the same page. What services do we provide?

Having an operating agreement can also reduce the risk of future legal problems.

Say that you get lazy and run your business without an agreement. This would mean the state of Louisiana could take control over certain key actions. State control is the last thing any owner of a company wants. And that’s reason enough to have our organization draft your operating agreement. We’re prepared to get started right now. Plus, we can email you a copy of our Louisiana LLC operating agreement guide.

Our Team Can Register an EIN

Another crucial step in the LLC registration process is to get an EIN. It stands for Employer Identification Number. Every EIN is a nine-digit number that the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) assigns. Through each number, the IRS can track a business or LLC for tax reasons. This means an EIN functions as the Social Security number of a company. What Is an EIN Code?

Our experts are ready to file your EIN registration online right now.

When doing so, we can provide the government with information through Remember, sometimes the state calls an EIN a Federal Employer Identification Number. The state can also refer to an EIN as a Federal Tax Identification Number.

Through an EIN, you can handle all sorts of common business processes.

From hiring employees to starting a new business bank account. Plus, an EIN will allow you to file and manage federal and state LLC taxes. Our team can even register you with a new EIN if you own a sole proprietorship. But the IRS will enforce that you get a separate EIN. This applies whenever you convert a sole proprietorship into an LLC. Please contact us right now to begin the EIN registration process. We’re ready to help your limited liability company adhere to official IRS policies.

The Three Steps of Separating Personal & Business Assets

Say that your personal and business accounts get mixed up. This means that all your personal assets become at-risk. Common personal assets include a home, car, and different valuables. So, when would your personal assets become at-risk? That would happen if your Louisiana LLC got sued. This means that the piercing of the corporate veil would take place.

The last thing our organization wants is for your personal assets to get taken away.

That’s why we’re here to help you protect your LLC in Louisiana. To do so, consider adhering to the following three steps. If you have any questions about them, do not hesitate to contact us. We’re standing by to help your limited liability company succeed.

Step #1: Start a Business Checking Account

Creating a business checking account is one of the key first steps of any LLC owner. Having an account will help you separate company assets from personal assets. As a result, you can experience a high level of personal asset protection. Using a business checking account will also make tax filing and accounting easier. Say that you need us to help you find your EIN for a bank application. Our team can send you an EIN lookup guide.

Step #2: Receive a Business Credit Card

Getting a business credit card can help any limited liability company succeed. The card will help you separate all your business expenses. Plus, you can put  the expenses into different categories for end-of-year tax purposes. Using a card will ensure that you can increase your business credit score. This is a huge step. Why? Because you could need a line of credit or a business loan down the road.

A business credit card can also help you stay on top of all department expenses.

You might want to issue several cards to your trusted employees. Please let us know if you’d like to read our review of the best small business credit cards. Also, we can provide other important steps that could secure your corporate veil. These include how to sign legal documents and employee-hiring tips. Our website also features an article about protecting the corporate veil.

Step #3: Get a Business Accountant

Having a business accountant at your side matters. The accountant can provide steps to stop your business from overpaying on its taxes. Plus, accountants have tips for avoiding IRS fines and penalties. Trust us. You do not want to risk having to make up for a tax error. We’ve seen soon many LLCs have to go out of business due to tax mistakes. How to get Business Licensing.

A business accountant can also help make payroll and bookkeeping simple processes.

As a result, you can receive more time to focus on making your company successful. Accountants also excel at managing business funding with accuracy. They have an eye for finding new areas of both unforeseen loss and extra profit. Please contact our organization if you need access to business accounting tools. We can even provide a guide about ideal business accounting software.

Do Not Put Off Getting LLC Business Insurance

Without question, every LLC in Louisiana needs some form of business insurance. It’s going to help you manage all sorts of potential risks at your company. Once you have a policy, you can sit back and breathe a sigh of relief. And why wouldn’t you? After all, you’ll have more time and energy to devote to growing your business.

There are three common types of business insurance to keep in mind.

Let’s start with workers’ compensation insurance. It’s the ideal insurance to protect employees from harm’s way. The coverage focuses on potential worker deaths, illnesses, and injuries. Here is what Louisiana law says about workers’ compensation insurance. Every business with more than a single employee has to have a policy. Remember, an LLC corporate officer or member counts as an official employee. Do I Need a Lawyer To Start an LLC?

The next common type of insurance is general liability insurance.

Each general liability insurance policy is broad and all-encompassing. The purpose of a general liability policy is to protect a company from lawsuits. That’s why small business after small business across the US has a policy. Without one, your company/LLC could go down in flames from a financial standpoint.

Having a professional liability insurance policy also matters.

Think of the policy as ideal business insurance for a professional service provider. Say that your LLC will feature a service provider like an accountant or consultant. In that case, it’s best to go ahead and sign up for professional liability insurance. A policy will cover various notary business errors and also malpractice. Do you want to find out more about getting insurance at an LLC? If so, please give our organization a phone call. We’re serious about protecting the legal interests of your limited liability company.

Let Us Know If You Need a New Business Website is proud to partner with some of the best US website builders. One of our affiliates can help you build a website for your LLC at a cost-effective rate. Trust us. Having an impressive business website matters. It will assist your LLC in making money all across the state of Louisiana. A bad website leads to losing out on revenue and potential customers. That’s why you should begin building your limited liability company site ASAP.

Please give us a call for website building tips, resources, and discounts.

We can direct you to some of the top site builders in the world. Plus, we’ll make sure the website builder has experience creating sites in your industry. Not to mention, we can even help your website rank high on Google Search. This way, tons of local, potential customers in Louisiana can find your business. Sure, our LLC experts specialize in helping business owners form their LLCs. But our company can also benefit your LLC many years after its formation.

Questions About Limited Liability Company Formation? Call Us Now to Register your LLC in Louisiana 

We’re standing by to answer all your questions about forming a limited liability company. Please give our organization a phone call at any moment. Within seconds, we can understand what service you need and begin supplying it. Yes, it’s that fast and that easy. Even if you have dozens of questions, do not hesitate to contact us. Our registration team cannot wait to assist your LLC in Louisiana right away. We’re here to do whatever it takes to help you build your dream business.