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Our organization’s LLC Michigan division is here to help you succeed. Through this web page, you can order a brand-new Michigan LLC. Or, feel free to call us and place a customized LLC order. We look forward to helping you set up a limited liability company ASAP. If you have any questions about LLCs, please also give us a phone call.

What Does “LLC” Mean?

So, what is an LLC? It stands for “limited liability company.” It’s one of the most simple and effective business structures in the United States. Through an LLC, you can secure a great deal of flexibility. Plus, your LLC will provide you with many benefits that a traditional corporation has.

We encourage you to browse our website at any time. This way, you can learn more about the different types of business structures. Our organization can also register a sole proprietorship and partnership. Plus, we even specialize in corporation registration at the S Corp and C corp level. We’re also standing by to send you a What is an LLC PDF guide for you to download.

Get MI Limited Liability Company Registration Now

The team’s ready to help you get Michigan LLC registration now. Your limited liability company will function as any standard business. We can ensure that you, the organizer, holds all financial rights to the LLC. It is up to you whether you want to serve as a member of your new company.

Each LLC functions as a business entity that stays separate from its members. Liability gets limited to the financial input that a member creates. Each member serves as an owner within a limited liability company. Members can then take care of management duties for the company. But some LLC owners change management terms within the Articles of Organization. This way, managers can carry out all management responsibilities. LLC Registration Form.

The governance of an LLC also gets set up through the Articles of Organization. Otherwise, a liability company’s operating agreement will define its governance. Say that you’re ready for our experts to form your LLC in Michigan. One of the first steps we must take is to file the Articles of Organization. This filing takes place through form CSCL/CD-700 with the state Bureau.


We Can Register All Three Entity Types of LLCs

There are three common entity types of limited liability companies in the US. Our organization is standing by to register any of the three entity types for you right now. When doing so, we’ll go step by step with the Michigan state government. Listed below are short definitions of each LLC entity type. Please let us know if you have any questions about one of the entities.

LLC Entity Type #1: Domestic Limited Liability Company

This is the most common type of LLC that our organization forms in Michigan. The purpose of a domestic limited liability company is to create profit. But at the same time, this LLC entity type will reduce both liability and taxes. A standard domestic LLC features the same powers that a US corporation has.

LLC Entity Type #2: Professional Service Limited Liability Companies

The next type of LLC entity in Michigan is a professional limited liability company. That name speaks for itself. This form of LLC features licensed businesspeople. They have the legal licensing to provide a specific type of professional service. Every professional limited liability company has at least one member. That member must get licensed in a professional service before the business operates.

Now, say that a professional limited liability company features more than one member. Each member must secure licensing to provide services of the business. There are many professions across Michigan that depend on this type of LLC entity. From physicians to surgeons to dentists and attorneys at law. In fact, countless professionals providing these services depend on our organization. They turn to to take care of their annual LLC filing needs.

LLC Entity Type #3: Foreign Limited Liability Companies

Here is what a foreign limited liability company is. It’s an LLC that gets formed through the laws of a separate jurisdiction. In other words, a foreign LLC is a domestic LLC that gets registered in a state. Then, the owner of the domestic LLC moves the LLC into Michigan. Since the LLC is now in Michigan, it can do business as a foreign entity. How Long Does It Take To Get an LLC?

Say that a foreign limited liability company intends to do business within Michigan. It must first secure a Certificate of Authority from a state agency. (Our organization can register this certificate for your business.) The Michigan Limited Liability Company Act defines how a foreign LLC conducts business.

Does your own business need to get a Michigan Certificate of Authority? If so, please give us a call right now. We can help your limited liability company operate in the state with ease. When doing so, our experts will make sure that your LLC adheres to every state statute.

Our LLC Michigan Division Is Ready To Help Your Business Thrive

The LLC Michigan division of is standing by. They’re prepared to help you form and maintain your Michigan LLC at all times. Sure, we can open an LLC in Michigan on your behalf. But we can also help your LLC in Michigan succeed through annual services. We’ll work step by step with the Michigan State Secretary every year. This way, we can stay on top of all your crucial liability company filings. As a result, you can focus on growing your MI LLC instead of having to worry. Remember, you can always leave the complicated state paperwork to us.

We get it. Starting an LLC in Michigan can seem frustrating and overwhelming. That’s why we provide full-scale tools and resources that can assist your new business. Here’s an example of one of our limited liability company resources. All you’ve got to do is contact us and ask to see our LLC startup guide. We can then send you a PDF download of our how to start an LLC in Michigan guide. This way, you can understand each step of how to get an LLC in Michigan. That’s only one example of how our organization is ready to help your business thrive.

We Can File All Your LLC Documents in Michigan

No matter what LLC articles or documents you need filed, our organization can take care of it. The state of Michigan uses a LARA filing system for domestic registration of LLCs. Our experts can complete the online LARA filing with ease. Say that news breaks that LARA updates its limited liability company policies. We can send you an email notification with this news. As a result, you can stay updated about your LLC from the convenience of your home. You’re welcome to contact us now about making a filing reservation. Our team can go application by application until your business reaches incorporation.

There are many articles of limited liability companies registered to file in Michigan. From articles of domestic incorporation to the organization. But you’re not in this alone. Our team’s standing by to file application after application at a moment’s notice. We can even file an application for foreign LLC registration if you’re in another state. has its own OF incorporation tools and resources. They position us to register any type of limited liability entity. We won’t rest until your liability company can operate in Michigan.

Do you see the order form at the top of this web page? You can click here to reserve standard liability company registration. Or, you can call us now to make a reservation of specific LLC filings. For reservation questions, please give us a call at any time. Our LLC filing experts cannot wait to help you succeed.

Our Services Create Limited Liability Company Solutions

When it comes to LLC services in Michigan, you can count on our organization. Our experts can handle any type of business registration for an entity. But that’s not all our company does. We can also connect you to business resources in Michigan. Say that you have questions about taxes for LLCs in the state. We can send you an LLC tax guide that you can download as a PDF.

Sure, takes care of state LLC registration in Michigan. But we can also provide federal registration and filings for your business. This way, we can ensure that you only pay for federal filings that you need. As a result, you won’t have to worry about wasting your income. Instead, you can stay on top of business registration and taxes through our services.

In Michigan, creating an LLC is no easy task. In fact, the state is one of the more complicated states to form an LLC in. But that’s no problem for our organization. We make forming a Michigan LLC a piece of cake. Through our services, we can direct you to top business compliance resources. These resources can protect your LLC. Not to mention, we can even serve as the resident agent of your LLC.

As a resident agent in Michigan, we can send you all documents that the state provides. The LLC resident agent programs of our company are in a league of their own. Plus, starting a resident agent program has never been more easy. All you’ve got to do is give our company a call. We can then set up a resident agent program aligned with your business needs. The team cannot wait to serve as your dedicated resident agent.

The Basics of Starting an MI Limited Liability Company

Without question, our business makes starting an LLC in Michigan easy and simple. Here is one of the first steps we’ll take to form your LLC in the state. Our experts will complete and file an Articles of Organization document. This filing must pass through the Michigan Corporations Division. The state will charge a fee to process the articles. Our team can complete the filing through the mail, in-person, or online. What services do we provide?

There are no exceptions to the following policy. You need Articles of Organization to form a Michigan LLC. Otherwise, the state will reject your limited liability company application. Keep in mind that we can send your business a PDF guide that goes step by step. It will inform you how to start an LLC in Michigan with ease. Plus, you can call our organization to learn more. We’ll go over all the basics of starting a Michigan LLC. When doing so, our experts will explain tax benefits and unique business structures.

Pick a Name for Your Michigan Limited Liability Company

Every LLC needs a business name. This is one of the most crucial steps of forming an LLC inside Michigan state lines. You’ve got to select a business name that follows the law. After all, Michigan has its own naming laws and regulations. Also, make sure that your proposed LLC name is something you want clients to notice. You do not want to select a name that’s difficult to spell or pronounce.

Here is how the state naming guidelines function for any LLC in Michigan. The name must feature this phrase. “Limited liability company.” Or, you can use “LLC” or “L.L.C” as an official abbreviation. The state of Michigan has a list of banned words and restricted words. Please contact us to view the list. This way, you won’t waste time filing a name that the state will reject. Also, view the Michigan Department of Licensing and Regulatory Affairs website. It features a full-scale list of Michigan LLC naming rules. Do I Need a Lawyer To Start an LLC?

Our organization can also help your business do an online LLC name search. This takes place via the Michigan Department of Licensing and Regulatory Affairs (LARA). We have tremendous knowledge about LARA policies and procedures. Your next key action is to check online to see if a URL has availability. After all, your business (LLC) name should register a website domain right away.

Hire a Resident Agent in Michigan

The next step in any Michigan LLC formation process is to hire a resident agent. Securing an agent is not an option. The state enforces every LLC to appoint and maintain an agent with resident status. Otherwise, an LLC in Michigan cannot operate in a legal manner. Keep in mind that “resident agent” is another term for “registered agent.” Both a “resident” and “registered” agent play the exact same roles in Michigan.

So, how will hiring a resident agent to benefit your LLC? A Michigan resident agent can operate as any individual or business entity. The agent will receive important tax forms and crucial legal documents. An agent with resident status also receives all notices of lawsuits. The resident agent handles all government communication directed at an LLC. In other words, an agent with resident status serves as the LLC’s point of contact. It’s up to the agent to communicate with the state on behalf of your company.

Here is who can serve as a resident agent in the state of Michigan. The agent must already function as a resident of the state. Otherwise, you can hire a corporation (like ours) as your resident agent. The resident service must have permission to operate its business within the state. Plus, you can select a person within your own company to serve as an agent. Do you want to learn more about resident/registered agents in Michigan? If so, we can send you a registered agent’s service guide. Plus, we can add our own resident agent service to our Michigan LLC formation package.

File the MI Articles of Organization

The next crucial step in the Michigan LLC registration process is to file a document. It’s called the Articles of Organization. You cannot register a Michigan LLC until you complete this filing. The filing process takes place through Form 700 – Articles of Organization. Our company can file the articles with the Michigan Corporations Division. The filing can take place in-person, by mail, or online.

Here is an important decision to make during this step of Michigan LLC formation. You must decide to member-manage or manager-manage your company. Then, your articles document must state your LLC management decision. If you need help completing the article form, please call us now. Our experts can even provide a Michigan Articles of Organization guide. We can take care of this step if you’re moving a foreign LLC into the state. In that case, we can get you registered as a foreign LLC operating in Michigan.

Create Your Michigan LLC Operating Agreement

Your next MI LLC formation step is to create a first-rate operating agreement. Now, the state of Michigan will not enforce your business to have an agreement. But it’s very good practice for each LLC in the United States to have one. Here is what an operating agreement is. It’s a legal document that states the operating and ownership procedures of each LLC. What Is the Difference Between Tax ID and EIN?

Using an operating agreement is very important to the success of your Michigan LLC. If your agreement’s comprehensive, it can protect all business owners. In fact, it will keep owners on the same page each day. As a result, you can prevent a future conflict within your LLC. Do you need more information about Michigan limited liability companies? If so, our team can email you a Michigan LLC operating agreement guide.

Register an EIN

Almost every Michigan LLC has an EIN. It stands for Employer Identification Number. An EIN functions as an IRS nine-digit number. With an EIN, the Internal Revenue Service can track your business. Why? So that it communicates with your limited liability company for tax purposes. Do not waste time overthinking what an EIN is. It functions as the Social Security Number of an LLC or business.  What Is an EIN Code?

So, why should a Michigan LLC bother to get an EIN? Well, without an EIN, you cannot hire employees in the future. Plus, an EIN will help you start a business bank account. You even need an EIN to file both federal and Michigan (state) taxes. Keep in mind that our organization can help your Michigan company get an EIN. Please give us a call to find out more information. We’re standing by to communicate with the IRS on your behalf.

Is There a Standard Processing Time To Form an LLC in Michigan?

In most cases, it only takes twenty-four hours to process an LLC application. But this time frame only refers to filing online through the Michigan LARA system. The time frame also refers to filing the LLC Articles of Organization. The state might ask for you to take other steps that could delay your application.

Now, say that you file your Michigan Articles of Organization by mail. The LLC processing time will take about three to five business days. But here’s some good news. Our company can speed up the processing time with the Michigan state government. Please call us to learn how we can get the state to process your application ASAP.

Our Organization Can Form Domestic & Foreign LLCs

Whether you’re in need of a foreign or domestic LLC, we’ve got you covered. Please give us a call right now if you need a domestic or foreign LLC in Michigan. Remember, a domestic LLC will only conduct business in its state of formation. In this case, that state is Michigan. Meanwhile, a foreign LLC gets registered in another state. Then, our experts can help you start doing business on behalf of that LLC in Michigan. We cannot wait to help you operate any type of Michigan limited liability company.

Questions About Limited Liability Company Formation? Call Us Now

The Michigan LLC team is here to address all your questions. We encourage you to give us a call right now. When you do, we can assess your business needs and begin finding solutions. Our experts understand how complicated and confusing LLC paperwork is. But you do not have to fill out and file documents on your own. Instead, our team can complete all your filings and get them registered with the state. We look forward to serving as your go-to LLC registration resource in Michigan.