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LLC Mississippi

Register your LLC in Mississippi

The LLC in Mississippi experts at are here to get you registered. You can use this web page to order a new Mississippi LLC. Or, please call us to place a customized limited liability company order. Either way, our team can’t wait to help you form a new business in Mississippi.

Form Your LLC in Mississippi With Ease

Our services make it simple and easy for you to create an LLC in Mississippi. Whether you’re starting a first business or have ownership experience, we’re here to help. Through forming your MS LLC, you can experience all sorts of important benefits. From limiting ownership liability to having some freedom in state/federal taxation. Please continue reading to learn more about the formation of an LLC. If you have questions, please reach out to us by phone at any moment. Our experts can make sure that you receive the best business structure in the state.

Business Services That Focus on Every Mississippi Regulation

When it comes to LLC in Mississippi business services, you can count on In fact, our team maintains great standing with the MS Business Services Division. That division processes the formation of every LLC within Mississippi. It also processes formation for corporations and limited partnerships. Even nonprofit entities and other entities must get registered through the division.

Say that you’re operating a limited liability company outside of Mississippi. But you wish to bring your business into the state. That means you own a foreign company/LLC. The Business Services Division can grant your foreign LLC the right to do business. This takes place through a Certificate of Authority registration. Please contact our organization if you’re in need of a Certificate of Authority. Our experts can register your foreign LLC with the state to secure the certificate. While doing so, our team will adhere to Mississippi Uniform Commercial Code.

Keep in mind that the Business Services Division regulates all public notaries.

It must approve the notaries for use in the state of Mississippi. Please let our team know if you’re seeking notary approval. We can even provide your LLC with a registered trademark application formation. One of our expert customer service representatives is standing by right now. Please call us if you have questions about getting registered with the government. We won’t rest until the Business Services Division approves your application.

Open a Limited Liability Company in Mississippi Today

Our organization encourages you to open an LLC in Mississippi right now. Through our full-scale formation services, we’ll make the registration process easy. We’ve helped countless business owners start an LLC in Mississippi. Before they came to us, they dreaded starting an LLC in Mississippi. They thought how to start an LLC in Mississippi was almost impossible. We did not blame them for assuming this. After all, there’s so much complicated paperwork that a person must fill out. But through us, we can take care of every LLC formation document on your behalf.

So, what are you waiting for? You can learn how to get an LLC in Mississippi right now.

All you’ve got to do is give our limited liability company experts a call. Within minutes, we can assess your exact needs for creating a Mississippi LLC. Then, our LLC Mississippi division will get right to work. We won’t rest until you’re operating a new business in the state. Our team cannot wait to help you form an LLC at a cost-effective rate.

We’re Here To Help Your Business Maintain State Compliance is proud to serve as the home for Mississippi compliance services. We’re the number one compliance registration team across the lands of the state. Sure, we can help your new business form its LLC in Mississipi with ease. But you do not have to search for a company that helps LLCs maintain compliance. Instead, our team’s standing by to file all your business publications with the state. This way, your LLC can adhere to Mississippi regulation after regulation.

Our services are so cost-effective that any member of the public can hire us.

The securities that we’ll provide to your LLC can ensure it operates without delay. Please visit our business services page to learn more about LLC compliance. LLCs and other entities across all Mississippi public lands depend on these services.

Even if you need us to fill out your non-business forms, we can take care of it.

After all, the state of Mississippi has services regulation after regulation. But our team’s aware of state policies more than any other company. We’re standing by to file all your Secretary of the State forms right now. As you can see, we’re enthusiastic about registering business after business. That’s why we’re the services home of thousands of LLCs in the state.

No matter where you’re located in the lands of Mississippi, we’re here for you.

Our business services team won’t rest until your LLC holds complete compliance.

Starting Your LLC in Mississippi Is Easy Through Our Services

Our division of LLC in Mississippi registration experts is here to help you succeed. We’re going to make starting an LLC in the state simple and painless for you. Here’s one of our first liability company registration steps. It is to file a Certificate of Formation. The filing will happen through the Mississippi Secretary of State. The state government will charge a $50 filing fee for this service.

Trust us. You do not want to waste your time creating an LLC in Mississippi without a certificate.

The Certificate of Formation is the key to forming any Mississippi LLC. If you have questions about our formation services, please give us a call. We can go step by step with you in a short period of time. This way, you can get started forming your Mississippi limited liability company. Plus, we can walk you through the benefits of operating your LLC in the state. These include tax benefits that could save your business some money.

We’ll Help You Name Your LLC

Through Mississippi state law, you can’t select any name for your LLC. Instead, the name has to feature this term: “Limited Liability Company.” But you could also use a short-from version like “L.L.C.” or “LLC.” The state will also allow you to use the name of manager or even a member.

An LLC name in Mississippi cannot appear like any other name of a business.

Keep in mind that the state’s already registered thousands of business entities. Each entity has a current filing with the Mississippi State Secretary. The team can see if a potential name’s available. This process involves searching through the Mississippi business name database.

Say that your proposed LLC name is not in the Mississippi business name database.

We can reserve your name for up to 180 days. But to do that, we’ll have to file a specific document with the state. It’s called Application for Name Reservation with the Mississippi Secretary of State.

Next, we’ll register a name through the Mississippi state online filing system. Again, that system appears on the Mississippi Secretary of State website. Our experts will secure your name through the Name Reservation application form. The state will charge a $25 filing fee to approve a reservation of your new LLC name. LLC Registration Form.

Appoint a Mississippi Registered Agent

Your next step in the LLC formation process involves appointing a registered agent. Each LLC in the state of Mississippi needs an agent. Why? Because an agent has to take care of the service of process within state lines. A Mississippi agent can function as a business entity or person. The agent will agree to accept every legal paper on your LLC’s behalf. This process will matter if your MS LLC ever gets sued.

Any Mississippi registered agent can operate as an official Mississippi resident. But you can hire a company that has authorization as a foreign corporation. ( can play this role.) The foreign corporation can then do business on behalf of a client in the state. Your registered LLC agent has to have a physical street address within Mississippi. Do you need to learn more about hiring a Mississippi commercial registered agent? If so, please give us a call. We’re here to serve as the official agent of your limited liability company.

Filing the MS Certificate of Formation

No Mississippi LLC can exist unless it files the Certificate of Formation. This filing must get approved by your State Secretary in Mississippi. An MS certificate has to include a lot of information. It includes the name of your LLC, its email address, and the future effective date. That date can appear up to 90 days after filing your Certificate of Formation.

This filing must also include the NAICS code of your LLC.

This way, the Mississippi state government can track your line of business. Next, you’ll need to list the name and address of the LLC registered agent. Then, the LLC organizer, manager, and member must each provide a signature. Here is how your Mississippi LLC filing will get completed. You’ll have to use the Mississippi Secretary of State online filing system. Registration has to first take place online using the system. This means that you have to select a username and password.

In most cases, people decide to complete the LLC Certificate and pay for it online.

But you can also print out a copy of the state application. Then, you can mail the Certificate with a check. The state will take three to five days to process the Certificate of Formation. Plus, the Mississippi State Secretary will charge a $50 filing fee.

Draft Your Mississippi Limited Liability Company Operating Agreement

The next limited liability company registration step is to prepare an operating agreement. Now, the state of Mississippi does not enforce the creation of agreements. But it is in the best interest of your business to form an agreement. It’s an internal document that will keep your LLC functioning at a high level. Every manager and member will have to adhere to the agreement. Otherwise, chaos could unravel the inner workings of your liability company.

Having a Mississippi operating agreement could help preserve limited liability status.

How is this possible? Because the documents stand as proof that your MS LLC is a separate business entity. Say that you decide to risk operating your business without an agreement. Mississippi state law will govern the operations of your company. As a result, you could feel powerless and helpless by giving the government control.

Here is what any Mississippi LLC operating agreement should feature.

The document should begin with each members’ percentage interests at the LLC. Next, the agreement must go over the rights and responsibilities of each member. It’s then time to describe the voting powers that each specific member has. How Long Does It Take To Get an LLC?

An LLC operating agreement should detail how profits and losses get distributed.

The document also lists the rules for taking votes and executing company meetings. Need a complete list of what goes inside a Mississippi LLC operating agreement? If so, please give our organization a phone call at any time. We can go step by step through the formation and filling process of an agreement.

Get an IRS Employer Identification Number (EIN)

Almost every LLC in Mississippi needs to get an EIN number. The number refers to the IRS Employer Identification Number. There is a common misconception in the state that only a multi-member LLC needs one. But that is not the case. Most single-member Mississippi LLCs also have to secure an IRS EIN. Otherwise, the IRS cannot recognize your company come tax time. This can lead to massive fines and penalties from the US federal government. What Is an EIN Code?

So, how can you secure an EIN? The key is to complete an online application. You can find this application within the IRS official website. In most cases, the IRS will not charge a filing fee for you to process the application. Please contact if you have questions about EINs. Our experts can help your Mississippi business get an EIN right away.

The Basis of Filing Annual State Reports for your LLC in Mississippi.

Say that a limited liability company does any sort of business in Mississippi. The LLC has to file an annual report with the state. The Mississippi Secretary of State will process the report. Do not forget to file your annual report every calendar year. If that happens, the state can apply big-time fines and penalties to your business.

Now, when should an LLC in Mississippi file its annual report with the state?

It can file between January 1 and April 15 each year. Failing to file by April 15 leads to the fines and penalties referenced above. There is no by-mail filing for an annual LLC report in Mississippi. Instead each LLC has to file the report online. The filing process will not happen unless you have a Business ID Number. This number gets issued at the state level to every LLC. Do I Need a Lawyer To Start an LLC?

Let’s say that your company struggles to find its Business ID Number.

The first step is to log in to the Mississippi Secretary of State website. That is where you can access the State Secretary business name database. The state won’t charge a domestic LLC with a filing fee to process each annual report. But say that you’re operating a foreign (out of state) LLC in Mississippi. The state government will charge your LLC with a $250 filing fee.

Get Your LLC Registered Through the Mississippi Department of Revenue

Many Mississippi LLCs must get registered through the state Department of Revenue. This is the case if an LLC collects sales tax for the retail goods that it sells. Or, if an LLC in Mississippi has employees working at its business. Registration can take place online through the Mississippi DOR website. But first, you’ll have to create an account through the MS Taxpayer Access Point

Does My LLC in Mississippi Need an Operating Agreement?

This is a common question that our organization receives from Mississippi clients. Yes, any LLC in the state should create an operating agreement. Now, the state will not ask to see a filing of your operating agreement. But your business should still have one. This way, you can protect the limited liability status of your organization. Plus, your LLC can prevent all sorts of problems from taking place. These problems relate to both management and financial mistakes. Please contact us if your Mississippi LLC needs help creating an agreement.

Remember To Pay Mississippi State Business Taxes

Some LLCs in the state have to pay business taxes. This happens if an LLC collects sales tax as a company. Or, if the limited liability company has employees who sell goods. Does one or both of these scenarios apply to your business? If so, it’s time to get registered with the Mississippi Department of Revenue (DOR).

Your LLC can get registered with the state DOR online. All you’ve got to do is access the DOR Taxpayer Access Point (TAP) website. But please contact if you need more information. Our experts can go over the basics of state LLC tax registration with you. Plus, we can also educate you about LLC annual filing rules in Mississippi.

Can Foreign LLCs Operate in Mississippi?

Yes, any foreign LLC can operate within the great state of Mississippi. But first, there’s a catch. Any LLC organized away from the state has to get registered. Registration must take place through the Mississippi State Secretary. Then, the foreign LLC will appoint a registered agent within the state. This way, the agent can handle all service or process duties in Mississippi. Plus, a foreign LLC needs an agent to register the certificate of good standing.

Our team can help your foreign LLC get registered with the state of Mississippi.

Here is the key document that we’ll file. It’s called the Application for Registration of Limited Liability Company. The state government will charge a $250 filing fee to process the application. What services do we provide?

Also, our experts can file another very crucial state document. It’s called the Application for Appointment of Registered Agent of a Foreign LLC. The state filing fee for this document is only $25. Please call us right now for more information. We’re standing by to get your LLC registered with the Mississippi State Secretary.

Need a Step by Step Mississippi LLC Formation Guide? Contact Us Now

Please let our organization know if you need access to a very important LLC guide. It’s called the Mississippi LLC Formation Guide. The guide will direct you step by step toward getting a Mississippi LLC registered. You can download the guide as a PDF online or we can send it through the mail. This way, you can understand how to form your LLC in the state with ease. How To Start Your Own Roofing Business?

If you have questions about any LLC formation step, please give us a call.

The team provides full-scale liability company registration. This means that our experts can take care of all the steps written on this web page. As a result, you can focus on building your Mississippi business. Meanwhile, we can take care of all the boring paperwork. Once your LLC goes into existence, our team can keep it in compliance each year. We look forward to helping you create an amazing company in Mississippi.