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June 9, 2022, midnight

Anonymous LLC Texas Services

Welcome to our organization’s anonymous LLC Texas services. Many states across the US compete for brand-new business formations. But only a few states allow anonymous LLCs to exist. Do you live in Texas? If so, your state does not allow people to form anonymous LLCs within the state. But do not despair. This web page explores the legal process of moving an anonymous LLC into Texas. Please continue reading to learn the basics of operating an anonymous LLC in the state. If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact our business.

What Are Anonymous LLCs?

Think of an anonymous LLC as you would with any standard LLC. The difference is that an anonymous LLC features some extra benefits. The number one benefit is privacy. Through an anonymous limited liability company, owners do not have public listings. This means that each owner cannot get identified by the state in a public manner. So, can people create an anonymous LLC within a state where they do not live? Yes, they can form anonymous limited liability companies outside of a home state.

How Anonymous Limited Liability Companies Function in Texas

Privacy matters. Almost all business owners desire to remain anonymous and private. So, how does a business owner maintain privacy in Texas? The key is to create a private LLC in another state. For example, due to state laws, New Mexico is a great state for forming a private LLC. Privacy is a top priority in the state because of unique LLC registration guidelines. Once you form an LLC in New Mexico, you can move the LLC to Texas in a legal manner. Form an LLC in Texas. Through a private LLC, a state will not archive any records of management or ownership. Thus, there is little about a business that could ever become public information. Let’s continue using New Mexico as an example. Only Articles of Organization get sent to the New Mexico State government. The Articles only feature two names. The first name is the organizer and the second name is the registered agent. Our own organization can function as the official organizer of your LLC. Meanwhile, a registered agent is often a lawyer. Once you have a private LLC in New Mexico, our team can transfer the LLC to Texas.

Why Use Anonymous LLCs?

Each anonymous limited liability company features the same benefits as a standard LLC. But there is an extra benefit at play. LLC ownership information cannot get disclosed on the Internet. There are many reasons why US business owners create anonymous LLCs. They desire privacy, asset protection, and more protection from baseless lawsuits. Reasons like these are why so many Texas business owners form anonymous LLCs. Again, they create an LLC based in a state like New Mexico and then transfer the LLC. In fact, New Mexico does not enforce franchise fees or taxes. Plus, you do not have to fake annual reports with the state. Business owners from all walks of life benefit through anonymous policies for LLCs.

The Benefits of Having a Private LLC

There are countless benefits associated with using anonymous and private LLCs. For example, anonymous LLCs within New Mexico have a positive reputation. They have more levels of privacy than LLCs in most other states. That’s because many states will list a name in a public online database. Well, that is not the case with any LLC created in New Mexico. This is a key reason why so many Texas business owners create LLCs out of state. Written below are four key benefits of using an anonymous, private LLC. How Long Does It Take To Get an LLC?

Benefit #1: Complete Privacy

Through a private LLC, any business owner keeps all matters confidential. This way, information stays out of the public eye. Nothing can link a name to an LLC. This way, company executives can rest easy. Not even an LLC owner or member name comes up in a public database. This also prevents you from receiving mass calls, marketing emails, and solicitations. LLC Registration Form.

Benefit #2: Lawsuit Protection

Two lawsuits get filed every minute in the United States. Business owners experience more lawsuits than almost any other demographic. Think about it. When you own a business, you risk getting sued by customers, creditors, and workers. That is why you should protect your assets through an anonymous, private LLC.

Benefit #3: Saving Money

It is cost-effective to create a private LLC in a state like New Mexico. Then, you can transfer the LLC to Texas while saving money. In fact, the LLC filing fees in New Mexico are lower than all other anonymous LLC states. There is a one-time filing fee of $50. Meanwhile, you would have to pay $100 in Wyoming and $300 in Delaware. Plus, there are no annual LLC reports or annual fees. As a result, Texas business owners can save even pro money in the long-run.

Benefit #4: Prevention of Harassment

All business owners have to deal with angry clients and customers. Through an anonymous and private LLC, you can protect your identity. This leads to a severe reduction in harassment by either individuals or groups. Even competitors and markets will not know your identity. That’s because the identity will stay hidden behind your LLC.

The Basics of Creating an Anonymous, Private LLC

Let’s now go over how a Texas business owner can form an anonymous, private LLC. The key is to create the LLC in another state like New Mexico, Nevada, or Wyoming. Again, New Mexico’s business laws are ideal for business owners looking for privacy. Say that you decide to file for an anonymous LLC in New Mexico. You (an owner) have to fill out the LLC Articles of Organization for your business. Then, you can file that information with the state. The information inside the Articles of Organization is simple. You will need to state the name of your company and the business duration. Then, you will fill out information about the registered agent. The state will also need your business organizer's signature. Plus, you have to describe the business's level of management. Opening your new business through an LLC should not take long. Our organization can help you fill out all your LLC documents ASAP. These include the banking resolution and operating agreement. We can even help you file your articles of organization. Say that you create an anonymous, private LLC in New Mexico or another state. You can then begin transferring the LLC to Texas. When writing your Texas LLC application, use information from the anonymous LLC. For example, the New Mexico LLC will serve as the owner of the Texas LLC.

What Are the Best States for Creating a Private LLC?

New Mexico and Delaware are two popular states to form anonymous LLCs within. We recommend using a New Mexico LLC because the payment terms are cheap. But Delaware is another solid option. In fact, Delaware features a streamlined court specializing in business matters. That’s why the state provides personal liability protection that other states do not. Plus, there is not a formal corporate income tax rule in Delaware for LLCs. The state of New Mexico does not enforce LLCs disclosing individual names to the public. Also, New Mexico has cost-effective filing fees. LLC business owners will not need to pay for taxes, fees, and annual reports. In New Mexico and Delaware, your LLC will need a third-party registered agent. This agent is often an accountant, attorney, or service provider. Having a registered agent will help protect privacy related to your LLC. Once you have an LLC in New Mexico or Delaware, you can move the LLC to Texas. All you've got to do is name the previous state's LLC as the owner of the Texas LLC.

We’re Standing By To Help You Form an Anonymous LLC in Texas

Are you ready to create an anonymous, private LLC in Texas or any other state? If so, please pick up the phone and give us a call right now. Within minutes, our legal experts can assess your exact needs. Then, we can begin putting the right registration solutions in place. Through an anonymous LLC, you won’t have to worry about keeping information private. We look forward to providing you with a new LLC at any time.

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